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Shot Scope’s V2 Golf Watch is a great option for golfers wanting to really break down performance

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Millions of golfers have chosen GPS watches as the simplest way to access accurate yardages. So it’s a masterstroke by Shot Scope to utilise watch tech in their tracker. We’re big fans of the V2’s different modes, which mean it’s possible to access just yardages, gather data without showing yardages or do both, so you can comply with comp rules.

Serious golfers have been at the heart of Shot Scope from the start and it’s thanks to this eye for detail that Shot Scope has developed one of the most useful analytics platforms. You can drill down into interactive graphs and charts to learn everything about your game.

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Stats are broken down into tee shots, approach shots (outside 50 yards), short game (inside 50 yards) and putting, and the guys at Shot Scope reckon their data is so good at helping you improve, you don’t need an electronic caddie to tell you which club to hit. A sound option for golfers wanting to really break down performance. As the system includes a GPS watch, it’s really good value, too.

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