Best Golf Pride Grips 2023: How to choose the best grip for your game


Golf Pride is the market leader in golf grips – but what are the best Golf Pride grips for your game?

Choosing the best golf grips can be really confusing, with so many options to choose from. There are soft ones, firm ones, sticky ones, super-sticky ones, fat ones, thin ones… and everything in between.

Market leaders Golf Pride make 21 different grips alone, so they have simplified the process by using a football formation – 4-4-2 – with four choices of what you want from your grips, four different styles of grip, and two options of extra help you may want from your grips. This is how it works… 

Step 1: Choose what you want from your grips

Grip size 

If your middle finger is just touching the pad of your thumb when holding the grip in the glove hand, that is the perfect size. 


If you often play in rain or get sweaty hands when it’s warm, you may need to factor in more moisture management. 

Surface texture

Do you like your grips to feel smooth, rough with pronounced patterns for added traction, or somewhere in the middle? 


A firm grip will offer more feedback and vibration at impact, whereas a softer feel will dampen the club’s vibrations. 

Step 2: Choose your preferred style of grip

Soft and tacky = The CPX 

Offering maximum comfort to reduce grip tension and pressure, leading to a more fluid swing; the CPX is Golf Pride’s softest performance grip. 

Hybrid or half-cord = The MCC

Hybrid technology gives enhanced stability in all weather conditions, thanks to upper hand cord fused with lower hand rubber in multiple colors. 

Full-cord = The ZGRIP 

Golf Pride’s firmest grip, featuring a ‘Z-shaped’ texture pattern and full cotton cord that delivers both traction and all-weather control. 

Velvet and smooth = The Tour Velvet 

Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet offers comfort, playability and control in all conditions. A proprietary rubber compound with a non-slip pattern texture reduces moisture and slippage. 

Step 3: Choose any extra help you may need

Align Technology

A visible raised red ridge on the back of the club helps lock in your hand position at address, enhancing clubface awareness and delivering a square clubface at impact. Available on… ZGRIP, MCC, MCC PLUS4, Tour Velvet.


PLUS4 simulates building up the lower half of the grip with four extra wraps of tape. This reduced taper encourages lighter grip pressure, promoting less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power. Available on… MCC PLUS4, Tour Velvet.

Best Golf Pride Grips

Here are the best Golf Pride grips for your game, going from softest to firmest.

Golf Pride's softest grip.

The Golf Pride CPX is Golf Pride’s newest and softest grip.

The idea was to create a ‘comfort grip’ that’s super comfy to hold and has a little bit of squish.

Unlike other soft grips, Golf Pride wanted the model to be super stable (and not torque or wriggle during the swing), so it’s as credible a choice for faster-speed players as it is for a more average pace.

The Golf Pride CPX grip is perfect for players who want the best of the comfort and traction worlds, with a little bit of vibration dampening built in.

A very soft and tacky Golf Pride grip.

Both the Golf Pride CP2 Wrap and the CP2 Pro are a tiny step up in firmness on the CPX.

Combining high-performance technology with a soft, tacky feel, the innovative CP2 Wrap delivers comfort and control for superior performance.

CP2 features Golf Pride’s exclusive Control Core technology, an inner core stabilizer that is specifically engineered to reduce torque. A larger lower hand geometry simulating four extra layers of tape in the lower hand encourages even grip pressure.

A very durable Golf Pride grip with a choice of textures.

The Golf Pride Tour Wrap is a mid-firm option – see it as sitting between the two CP2 models and the slightly firmer Golf Pride Tour Velvet and you won’t go too far wrong.

It offers a good degree of tackiness, which will stay tacky for a long time as long as you keep it clean.

The fingers nestle between the wraps, but there is a sacrifice in moisture management. If the grip gets wet and you play in all conditions, you’ll need lots of toweling to keep a hold on this model.

The Tour Wrap Microsuede model has a buffed finish so golfers get extra surface texture, where the standard Tour Wrap is much shinier.

The most-used golf grip on tour.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip sits in the middle of the firmness range, and players love it because they can hit hundreds of shots with zero blistering to their hands.

It offers good impact feedback, it’s iconic and it wears incredibly well.

Golf Pride say grip wear depends on the player and conditions; grip pressure and how much force you generate as well as the weather conditions will affect wear, but softer grips don’t necessarily wear more quickly than firmer models.

Encourages lighter grip pressure for more power.

The Golf Pride MCC is a tech-filled hybrid golf grip with rubber in the lower section and cord in the upper.

The Golf Pride MCC gets a huge amount of play among elite players, many of whom love it because of the high levels of impact feedback and the complexity of the grip’s surface.

The Golf Pride MCC is a good choice for players who want something interesting to hold, and those that don’t just want a uniform, one-texture grip.

The cotton fibres in the upper section help with moisture management, too.

The fastest-growing full-cord grip on tour.

The Golf Pride ZGrip is a love-it-or-hate-it model. It’s the harshest feeling grip in the Golf Pride family and fans love
it for that very reason. The ZGrip is all about firmness, feel and feedback, so when you hit shots, you
know exactly what’s happening through your hands.

Like many others, Collin Morikawa is a massive fan of the firmer material, the cord, and the additional feedback the ZGrip delivers.

What size golf grip should I use?

Golf Pride say there’s little evidence to support the old theory that small grips make shots more likely to go left and big grips make shots go right (for right-handed golfers). They advise using the grip size selector on to get in the right ball park.

Don’t be afraid to try different sizes. Often, those using standard-sized grips end up preferring the feel of a midsize or Plus4 model.

Visit the Golf Pride website here.

What golf grip shape suits you?

Helps ensure a square grip and impact position.

The Golf Pride Align grips have a rib running down the back, which guides your hands to the same position every time you grip the club.

Align also gives a greater sense of head position and clubface aim as the hands are linked directly to the face through the reminder.
Align grip models: Tour Velvet Align, MCC Align, MCC Plus4 Align, ZGrip Align

A thicker lower section reduces grip tension for more fluidity and power.

The Golf Pride Plus4 family give the impression of having four layers of grip tape under the lower hand, encouraging a lighter grip pressure, reducing tension and aiding power release. Expect a reduced taper feel.
Plus4 grip models: Tour Velvet Plus4, MCC Plus4, MCC Plus4 Align

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