Getting out: On the upslope of a steep-faced bunker

How to get out of a bunker when you’re on the upslope and have a steep lip in front of you

If you’re unfortunate enough to wind up under the lip of a deep bunker, your rst job is to devise a realistic game plan. Depending on the lie and the lip, you may not be able to reach the  flag… or even go directly at it.

Remember, in these situations your priority is always to get the ball out; don’t let ambition cloud that goal. Having selected your shot, use these tips to get the right contact – and ensure you escape.

As with most golf shots, the way you address the ball is key to its success. On any slope you are looking to angle your spine to offset its effect; on any steep upslope, this means creating a fairy severe lean away from the target to play the shot. From here, it’s all about presenting maximum clubface loft to the sand and ball.

What to remember

Do the back shoe shuffle!

On a steep upslope your trail foot supports your action. Shuf e it into the sand until you are con dent of a secure base. Don’t take the club away until you feel you can swing the club without slipping.

Keys to getting out of a tough upslope lie in a bunker with a steep face

Set-up: Neutralise the slope

Lean so your shoulders and hips match the steepness of the slope. Widen your stance to create a wide and shallow base to your swing arc, and position the ball under your lead shoulder.

Back swing: Brace the back leg

Don’t let your weight fall down the slope; you’ll sway back, moving the swing’s low point behind the ball and promoting heavy contact. Brace your trail leg and don’t let its angle change.

Bunker how to hit on the upslope

Impact: up the slope

Match the slope correctly and you can play pretty much a regular bunker shot; just preserve those set-up body angles and focus on taking a wide, shallow divot of sand.

Trail palm to the sky

Retain face loft by avoiding forearm rotation. Focus on the palm of your trail hand or the badge of your glove; from facing the target at impact, feel they follow through to face the sky


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