Swing Tips: Brooks Koepka

Back in June, Koepka raced to a four-shot victory during the final day of the US Open at Erin Hills to win his first major title, and now we delve a little deeper in to the swing that helped him get there. 

Breaking it down in to how Koepka sets up for his power fade off the tee, we look at the 12 key components that make up the major champion’s swing. 

How to swing like Brooks Koepka


Brooks likes to hit power fades off the tee. To help this, he sets up very slightly open.

First move back:

The first move sees the club slightly above plane with very little clubface rotation

Out-to-in swing:

The clubhead is well outside the hands with the shaft well left of target. This is to encourage an out-to-in swing.


His shoulders are rotating nicely at right angles to the spine. The club is on an upright plane and is setting above the right forearm.

Brooks Koepka Swing 1 


Brooks’ wrists have hinged fully, the elbows are level and his hands are opposite his torso. These are all sound checkpoints for your swing.

Set up for a fade:

The shaft is slightly laid off (pointing left), which tends to encourage that out-to-in fade swing path.

First move down:

As Brooks starts his downswing the club points even further left. The face is very closed, which suggests Brooks has a strong grip

Power position:

His hips and thighs have already returned to parallel to the target line and there is a huge amount of lag. This is a powerful, athletic position.

Look at that leg:

The shaft is above the forearm. This stops the club coming too much from the inside and promotes that slight out-to-in path.

Brooks Koepka swing 2

Into Impact:

Everything is opening up beautifully through impact, giving Brooks loads of room to swing the club freely

Let it go:

To combat the closed clubface we saw earlier, Brooks releases the right hand under the left, which makes it easier to hit a power fade. 

Balanced finish:

The right foot has tipped over beyond vertical, another tell=tale sign of a slight out-to-in swing path. 

Brooks Koepka swing 3



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