Dustin Johnson: How to generate power

Dustin Johnson: Create A Wide Swing Arc To Generate Maximum Swing Speed 

This tip originally comes from our sister magazine, Golf World

The key to hitting the ball further is generating as much clubhead speed as you can at impact and transferring as much of that energy as possible into the ball. I swing the club at 121mph and launch the ball at over 180mph. This shows how close I am to the optimum e cient (or smash factor), which is a ball speed of one-and-a-half times your clubhead speed.

Increasing your swing speed and smash factor is the Holy Grail for more distance. Every extra one mph you can add to your swing speed will give you an extra three yards of carry if you have a decent smash factor so adding just a little more speed and e ciency can make a massive difference to your driving distance. 

Stay relaxed and connected

Gripping the club too tightly makes your muscles tense so hold the club loosely to stay relaxed and allow your muscles to create maximum power in the swing. Rock back and forth to get perfectly balanced and feel your connection with the ground.

Create a wide swing arc

Create wider your swing arc is, the further the clubhead will travel and the more clubhead speed you can generate into impact. Naturally stretch your hands away from your body in the backswing to create as much distance between them and the ball as possible at the top.

Flat Left Wrist

My left wrist is bowed, but you want the back of your left hand and wrist to be at. This makes it easier to square the face in the downswing if you’re not as flexible and athletic as me.

Hit up on the ball through impact

A high launch with low spin is the most efficient way to transfer your clubhead speed into ball speed and hit booming drives with modern equipment. You must hit up on the ball and releasing your wrist hinge as late as possible in the downswing will help you achieve this.


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