Are your glasses hurting your technique?

Are your glasses hurting your technique? Focus on your glaze gaze

According to stats, some 69% of the UK’s population wear glasses. If you are one of them, you’ll know how much of a pain they can be for golf! Never mind keeping them clear in the rain, they can actively compromise your technique. Here’s how… and the two steps that will help you take effective action.

Fault No.1: Playing a hunch 

Most glasses wearers are in the habit of looking through the dead centre of the lens. But do that when addressing the ball and you will tend to find this hunched position, the nape of your neck facing the sky. This rounded back and dropped head hinder posture rotation promoting a restricted, awkward movement.

Fix No.1: Improve your posture

To find a posture that allows a full turn, we need extension through the spine, from its base to the nape of the neck. To achieve that, stand upright and place a clubshaft across the front of your hips. Push the shaft back gently to create forward tilt from your hips. Do not let your head drop.

showing hunch and how to fix it

Fault No.2: Low Visibility

With your spine and nape more aligned and your chin higher, you will find that seeing the ball means looking more down your cheekbones, or through the lower part of your lenses. Your glasses may or may not afford a clear view of the ball at this angle. If they do not, you need a pair that does… and that takes us on to step two.

Fix No.2: Talk To Your Optician

As a golfer, you need eyewear that allows you to see a ball both six feet away and 250 yards down the fairway; you also need close-up vision to mark a card. If you go to see your optician and explain these needs – even demonstrating this new posture – they should be able to cater for your needs.

Don’t be afraid to take in a golf club and ball… it can really help! But in setting up a pair of golf-only specs, the most important thing is to seek good advice. Every person has different needs, so work with your eye expert to find your own perfect solution and give yourself the best opportunity on the course. 

This tip comes from TOP 50 TEACHER Andrew Murray. Murray is a former European Open champion specialises in one-on-one or group coaching and corporate golf events.

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