Chipping: How to get more clubface control

Follow this simple drill from European Tour Pro Paul Waring and learn how to get more consistent on greenside shots. 

Do you struggle to get consistently close to the pin from the side of the green? You might be using your arms and forgetting to use your body. 

Paul Waring says, “With a lot of the guys I speak to that struggle with chipping, I find that they move the club more than the body allows them to. By that I mean is that you see the club move, but without the body.”

“This creates a lot of energy in the club head and it’s not being supported or controlled by the body so you get a little bit of flash speed, making it hard to control the distance or put spin on the shot.”

Watch the video below to find out how chipping like you are putting will help you with those tricky green-side shots

“Chipping is basically an evolution of putting, and you can almost use the bigger muscles in your body – so you should rock your shoulders more to actually hit the shot. From there all you’ve really got in your bag is 14 different putters”

“One of the drills I like to do to control the clubhead more with the body is really simple. I just put the index finger on the right hand down the side of the grip, which makes that hand stay where it is – and it makes it hard to actually cock and hinge”

“From there I can almost pre-set my loft. I put the ball in the middle of my stance and then I can put the stroke into it as I would a putter”



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