How to develop a tour level chipping action

Here’s how to develop a tour-level chipping action to give you an advantage with your wedges

One of the biggest short game mistakes that I see among club players is too much manipulation from the hands. A tour-level chipping action means eliminating the hands and feeling the shoulders and turn are controlling the blade. That helps you create a shallow attack that lets you take advantage of the curved sole’s forgiveness.

Use a narrow stance to promote feel and reduce power. I favour the weight to be on the lead side for a standard chip or pitch shot with mid trajectory.

At set-up, drop the club and splay both hands, palms facing upwards. Turn back and through with your hands in this position; it eliminates independent hand action, helping you feel how shoulder turn controls the blade. (see below)

Through impact, keep your wrists quiet and allow your body to accelerate the club smoothly. Listen for the nice sound of the sole of the club hitting the turf.

Develop distance control by focusing on how far back the handle (grip) will travel: knee to knee, thigh to thigh and hip to hip with smooth acceleration.

Turn fully towards the target, still using the body and not wrists or hands. The ball will pop up softly off the clubface. 


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