Score better in the wind Pitching

It’s easy to think that your pitch shots won’t be affected by the wind because they are travelling less than 100 yards – but this isn’t the case. It really helps to develop a lower ball flight when pitching to reduce the impact of any gusts. This is useful downwind as well because while many people expect pitches to fly further with a helping gust, they are often knocked down out of the sky so they go much shorter than expected.

If you don’t have to carry the ball you should always try and keep it as low as possible and the bump and run is a fantastic option when you’re inside 100 yards.

In this video, former European Tour player Oliver Whiteley, based at Bramall Park GC, Stockport, shows you how to lower your flight with a few simple tweaks to your technique.

For more tips about playing in the wind, check out the July 2014 issue of TG.

Click here to watch our tuition video for the bump and run into the wind

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