Learn a new shot: The cut up 7 iron

Learn a new shot for 2018, the cut up 7-iron, for both height and distance

Golf often puts us in situations where we need both height and distance. Imagine you are stymied by a tree, some 140 yards from the green; you need your wedge to clear the branches, but the club isn’t powerful enough to reach the green. This is where the cut-up 7-iron comes into its own. Here’s how to play it.

What is a ‘cut up 7 iron’? 

Your 7-iron is built with around 30 degrees of loft, but you can alter that amount by changing the way you deliver the club to the ball.

Face Angle: As a rule, an open clubface at impact adds loft while a closed face reduces it.

Shaft Angle: The shaft angle at impact influences loft, so by changing the way you release the club you can alter shaft angle and increase that 30-degrees. In the cut-up 7 iron, we rework face aim and shaft angle. And because the 7-iron around 1.5in longer than your wedge. It is easier to create the extra clubhead speed you need to take care of the yardage. 

Address: Prepare For Launch

Rotate the toe of the club to open and weaken the face. Play the ball forward in your stance to remove shaft lean and add face loft. Feel a little extra weight under your trail foot. Finally, aim slightly left (right-handers) to encourage the out-to-in path through impact that helps cut the ball up.

Backswing: Keep The Face Weak 

Swing back along your toe line – when the shaft is horizontal it should point a little left of target for the right-hander. As you swing back allow the lead wrist to cup, a move that encourages the face to rotate. This ensures you maintain or even enhance the weak, loft-packed position you set at address.

Impact: Think ‘Brushed Flip’

Rather than drive your weight forward, keep your centre of gravity back and allow your hands and arms to make a greater contribution to the delivery. Impact should feel like you release your lower hand past the gloved hand, almost like a bunker flip release. Feel the sole brush the grass as you swing through.

Finish: Keep It Full

Make sure you complete your swing. Feel your hands and arms swing more upward than around. Picturing a full and free followthrough helps you release the shaft and club correctly through impact, promoting that extra clubface loft and launch. Expect a high, gentle left-to-right flight, and the ball to land softly.

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