Escape plan: One handed chip

What to do when you’re up against a tree trunk or in a difficult position with absolutely no shot – unless you use a one handed chip facing against your target

The one-handed chip with your back to the target looks like a specialist shot – and many people wouldn’t dare to attempt it. But in truth, it’s actually quite a simple shot to execute. Just stay still and let your arm swing through its natural range of motion

Jon Rahm used this exact shot (although against a bank of water rather than a tree) at the PGA Championship. And now you can too.

Four keys to hitting the one-handed chip.

Stand with your back to the target

Aim the face at the hole and grip with your trail hand only. This method lets you make the armswing your shoulder socket was designed for – forwards and back, past your side.

Sound footing

The key to this shot is staying as still as possible during the swing. Make sure you feel balanced, weight down through the centre of both feet, before executing the stroke.

Natural pivot

Play the ball opposite the toe-cap of your shoes, with the ball as close to your toe as possible. This helps you work the shoulder in a more comfortable back-through path. Use your shoulder’s natural pivot to take the club back, again keeping wrist action out of the shot.

One handed shot

Strike down and through

Let your arm swing naturally back behind you, catching the ball on its way past your side. That ball position sets up a slight downward attack that helps you make clean contact with the ball. Control is more important than force, so don’t try to hit the ball too hard.


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