Short game: Recovering from the rough

Fault: Failing to remove the ball from thick rough at the first attempt.
Fix: It was an error to get yourself in this position but you’re here now so let’s deal with it. You’re in range of the green but there is no chance of getting any control from this lie so forget about the flag. The only objective here is to advance the ball forwards to a clean lie – finding the putting surface is a bonus. What often happens is that people try to make up for the original error by being too greedy and trying a miracle up-and-down. Take your lumps and make sure you get the ball out. 

Here’s how…

From the rough

The set-up
Your stance is likely to be slippery and uneven in this sort of lie, so adopt a wide stance with weight favouring your left.

Get through
Opening the face at address helps you splash the ball out as you do from sand. Accelerate through impact – that is key.

Ignore the pin
You’ll get no control from this lie so forget about the flag – finding the green is a bonus. Just get the ball out to a clean lie.


 Sticky situation


 You need to get steep

From the rough   From the rough

Compounding your error is the cardinal sin here. A shallow attack will cause club and ball to get stuck in the grass.


A steep backswing with plenty of wrist hinge will allow you to pull the club through quickly on the way down.


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