Use your feet to help your turn in your swing

TG Top 50 Coach Scott Cranfield teaches you how a simple drill to help you turn or pivot better through the ball – using your feet!

Cranfield says: “It’s quite easy when you think about the pivot in the golf swing, or the turn, to focus on the top part of your body because visually, that’s the most obvious thing that is happening.’

‘It’s quite easy to get distracted by the shoulders and focus on them turning, which can be misleading because a good pivot actually starts from the ground.’

‘If your feet are straight or even slightly turned in, it will weaken the leg action and weaken your connection with the ground so even maybe when you’re getting what looks like a full turn, won’t be a good pivot when all together.’

‘To fix it, use this simple exercise where you exaggerate the feet. Turn both feet out about 40 degrees and in this position straight away you should feel as though you are much more connected and grounded.’

‘Now, you can start to use your feet and put your power through your legs and in to the rest of the body. Put the club across your chest with your arms crossed over and just practice turning a few times.’

‘Before you start, feel the feet connecting with the ground then use the feet to help that pivot happen. Once you’ve done that a few times you can set up to the golf ball and like the drill, turn those feet out a little – you may find you prefer that anyway.”

Watch the video below and practice the drill!

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