Justin Rose: Why You Don’t Need A One-Piece Takeaway

Justin Rose: Why you don’t need a one-piece takeaway

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I don’t believe in a one-piece takeaway because the clubhead has so much further to travel than the body in your backswing. Things get out of sync in a one-piece takeaway because you run out of body turn too early and your arms have to complete the swing.

I like the clubhead to move first in the takeaway so the backswing is complete when I finish the turn. My left arm stays pinned to my chest and the big muscles turn the club to the top of the backswing. This helps you swing on a more neutral plane and leads to a straighter ball flight.

Move Clubhead, Then Turn Body
I start the takeaway by simply moving the clubhead away from the ball with my arms. I stay focused on the ball and start my body turn away from the target as the clubhead moves out of my peripheral vision.

Fix Your Take-Away, Fix Your Stance
If you take the club away too far to the inside, you will likely overturn too early and the momentum will throw the club over the top as you turn back towards the target. This forces the club outside the neutral plane so you hit across the ball (out-to-in) and slice it. Keep the clubhead more in front of your body starting back.

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