Best Putter Grips 2024

What are the best putter grips?

A new putter grip often breathes new life into a golfer’s putting performance, as a change in feel is all many of us need to fall in love with a favourite old flat-stick all over again.

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But buying a new putter grip can be a mind-boggling experience, as there’s so much choice out there from slim to fat, wide to flat.

To help narrow your selection we’ve picked 12 of our favourite putter grips to help you make a more informed decision. 

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Our favourite of Ping’s three new putter grips on their 2021 models, the Lamkin grip only comes as standard on the Harwood model. Its surface texture engages so brilliantly with the skin it’s worth the upcharge.

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The Deep V combines a rubber outer with a lightweight core, ensuring golfers get durability without a heavier grip counter-balancing their putter. A mid-sized grip with cracking feel.
Just like Jordan Spieth, we’ve been fans of the Flatso’s sharp-edged pentagonal shape for a while now. The new Traxion surface texture offers excellent feel and feedback.
The Kotahi encourages you to grip with the palms facing upwards – great for reducing mobility. If you love a locked-in feel or struggle with the yips and the wrists breaking down through impact, consider this.

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Lamkin’s micro fingerprint texture brought a new feel to putting. This new oversized straight model is most at home in the hands of straight-back and straight-through strokes.

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P2’s Core family comes in four different shape and profile models, and thanks to each of them weighing between 100g and 182g, golfers get a counter-balanced effect on their favourite flatstick.

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Putting legend Guerin Rife has run a 70g steel rod down the back of the Gravity Grip’s lightweight carcass to give the sensation of the putter face literally being in the hands. Having tested it, we absolutely love the idea.

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Big putter grips have trended up over the last few years, but it’s refreshing to see a traditional-sized rubber grip again. The Pro Only come in three profiles and sizes; the Green Star is the largest, with a lovely flat front.
P2’s putter shafts run up the back of their grips rather than through the centre, giving the feel of holding the putter face in the hands and inhibiting wrist movement. Five sizes/profiles to choose from.
Brilliant for golfers who like a firmer feel and feedback. The brushed cotton cord Pro Only grips come in three profiles and sizes. The Red Star is the most conventional shape and size you’ll ever lay your hands on. 

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Thanks to their arching back shape, pistol grips often sit nicely in the hands. Pistol GT comes in three sizes, similar to the stock model TaylorMade chooses for the Spider putters.
Flat Cat say the Original’s flat, parallel sides give the sensation of having the putter face in your palm. Available in five sizes, there’s also a rubber version that feels great and a heavier counter-balanced option, too.

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