Motocaddy S1 DHC Trolley Review

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What we say...

Motocaddy refer to the standard S1 as a great entry level trolley, as its specifically designed to keep things simple. The DHC is exactly the same base model as the S1 just with the addition of “Downhil Control” technology and an electronic brake. A simple dial wheel lets you choose from nine preset speeds and you get a battery and speed indicator on the handle.

Our verdict:
Motocaddy’s S1 is the UK’s most sold electric trolley and commands 38% of the countries entire electric trolley market, so you know you’re getting a proven model when plumping for the S1. The DHC is nothing new to Motocaddy they’ve sold them in Europe for a number of years, but it’s the first they’ve introduced to the UK market which offers all terrain control and an electronic brake. Some clever internal electronics realise when the speed of the trolley increases or slows down and kicks in extra power or a braking system to make sure the trolley stays at the same constant speed no matter how severe a slope or incline you encounter. Here at TG we’ve played hilly courses with electric trolleys before and its never any fun (and can be dangerous) getting dragged down a steep slope by a heavily laden powered trolley. So letting the DHC do the thinking and taking the strain was a real treat. Motocaddy reckon the S1’s motor is “whisper quiet” and we’d have to agree. There certainly wasn’t any whirring or hissing as we’ve experienced with some trolleys in the past. As you’d expect from a market leading trolley the S1 folds down into an extremely compact package at a manageable weight for stowing in a car boot and storing away at home.  

Bottom line:
Not all hilly courses are lumpy and bumpy the whole way round, so how hilly does a course need to be to warrant a DHC? Well we reckon if you currently have an electric trolley and find on more than just a few holes the need to park the trolley “across the slope” rather than facing up or down it then the DHC could be a sound investment. Ultimately for us the DHC is £100 more than the standard S1 (with a comparable battery) so if there’s more than a handful of slopes on the golf course you play regularly then the DHC should be a consideration.   

Product Information

2 year warranty
230 watt motor
Weight: 9.6kg
Dimensions: 850mm x 595mm x 355mm

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