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The 0211 is PXG’s brand new affordable, super versatile mid-spin driver that targets everyone from 0-25 handicappers.

“Affordable” isn’t a word said very often by billionaire PXG owner Bob Parsons. But that’s what he asked for when he tasked his team of engineers to create a new range for 2021.

Parsons has built the PXG brand on a “designed without cost restriction” mantra, and it’s now well established as a serious option for golfers who don’t mind paying top dollar for brilliant products made from the finest materials (along with a very personal fitting session).

But Parsons – who built his fortune by selling domain names online – felt it was time to attract the eye of a whole new audience.

Until now PXG have been all about premium prices (they’ve made one iron at a “reasonable cost” before, and they were £1,400 a set). Their plan for 2021 is to upset the applecart and pitch the new 0211 family in at club golfers looking for alternatives to the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping.

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At a glance: PXG 0211 driver


RRP: £205

Lofts: 9° / 10.5° / 12°

Shaft length: 45″ (can be custom ordered 44″ – 46″)

Head weight: 206g

PXG want to open the new 0211 driver up to a much wider audience than previous drivers. So wide, in fact, they’re thinking 0-25 handicappers could all use this versatile new model.

They’ve taken a mid-point between the Gen2 X and XF and created a mid-spin driver in the middle. Yes, it sacrifices a smidge of forgiveness for a tad less spin, but PXG say it creates a beautifully balanced driver for distance and forgiveness, and it’s going to suit a huge number of golfers.

The head profile is a fraction smaller than the XF and slightly larger than the X. There’s a new taller face height which adds a confidence inspiring look at address. There’s also a new Ti412 face material which is brand new to golf and offers more flex across a wider area.

The sole weights (2.5-20g) also allow golfers to effectively choose their own shaft length between 44 and 46in, which is really beneficial if you feel a shorter shaft will help impact the centre more often (and there’s plenty who do).

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What you need to know about the PXG 0211 driver

Taking the middle ground

The 0211 driver has been designed to appeal to a wide audience of golfers. Where the brand’s 0811 X Gen2 driver was just about the lowest spinning model on the market, and the 0811 XF Gen2 had the highest MOI, the 0211 sits right in the middle between the two.


It means the profile at address has a midsize look, so it’s slightly larger than the X but slightly smaller than the XF.    

Taller face height 

A 10% taller face height than the PXG 0811 X Gen2 driver isn’t just about creating a more confidence-inspiring look at address. What PXG’s engineers have cleverly worked out is how more height raises the centre point of the face, so effectively the centre of gravity is lowered.


What does that mean to golfers? Well a larger portion of the face is at the maximum allowable CT, so off centre hits benefit from more ball speed, which translates to more distance from mishits.  

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The best of both worlds

Carbon crowns are absolutely nothing new when it comes to driver construction. But PXG’s new dual titanium and carbon fibre idea is different to anything else on the market.


PXG say it’s a great marriage of removing weight from the highest point of the head, but also getting increased stiffness for optimal energy transfer thanks to the titanium heel and toe sections. The brand’s Honeycomb TPE sole insert also soaks up vibration to ensure great sound and feel. 

Railed sole     

Railed soles are nothing new when it comes to fairways and hybrids but PXG say the 0211’s help stiffen the drivers structure, so less impact energy is lost. The rails contain plenty of strategic weighting too, so they not only help increase MOI and drive down spin, but also contribute to improving sound and feel too.     


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Simon Daddow

Review written by: Simon Daddow   

Job title: Today’s Golfer – Equipment Editor

Product Information

PXG 0211 Driver

RRP: £205

Lofts: 9° / 10.5° / 12°

Stock shaft: PXG insist on fitting golfers to their best performing option

Shaft length: 45" (can be custom ordered 44" - 46")

Head weight: 206g

For further information visit: www.PXG.com

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