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The 0211 is PXG’s ‘affordable’, super versatile hybrid that targets everyone from 0-25 handicappers.

“Affordable” isn’t a word said very often by billionaire PXG owner Bob Parsons, but that’s what he asked for when he tasked his team of engineers to create a new range for 2021, including one of the best hybrid golf clubs.

Parsons has built the PXG brand on a “designed without cost restriction” mantra, and it’s now well established as a serious option for golfers who don’t mind paying top dollar for brilliant products made from the finest materials (along with a very personal fitting session).

But Parsons – who built his fortune by selling domain names online – felt it was time to attract the eye of a whole new audience.

Until now PXG have been all about premium prices (they’ve made one iron at a “reasonable cost” before, and they were £1,400 a set). Their plan for 2021 is to upset the apple cart and pitch the new 0211 family in at club golfers looking for alternatives to the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping.

At a glance: PXG 0211 Hybrid


RRP: £160

Lofts: 19° / 22° / 25° / 28°

Stock shaft: PXG insist on only fitting golfers to their best performing model. These are the no upcharge options available direct from their website.

Aldila NVS Orange / Mitsubishi MMT 70g / Project X Riptide 85g /

Stock grip: PXG Z5 (made by Lamkin)

Adjustable hosel: Yes (+/- 1.5°)

The 0211 drivers, fairways and hybrids all have a hybrid crown, it means the highest raised section is created from carbon fibre. PXG say the idea removes inefficient mass from the highest point, which has real benefits on a stainless hybrid as the heavier head material means the crown is typically eight times heavier (than the same crown made from titanium).

A new railed sole not only creates a low centre of gravity, high MOI design, but also strengthens the head to cut impact energy loss as well as improving sound and feel.

PXG say their hybrids have evolved so the 0211 with it’s slightly larger profile and squared off face, has plenty of mass located low and deep away from the centre of gravity, which makes them play more forgiving. Thanks to a new 28° loft option hybrid loving golfers can also now replace everything from a 3- to 6-iron with an easier to hit option.  

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Verdict: PXG 0211 Hybrid

PXG’s new lower-priced 0211 family has caught golfers – and the industry – off-guard. It’s an unexpected move that now repositions PXG products right among market-leading models, and for many golfers there’s now a serious decision to make.

We love how the 0211 has a slightly wider head than the brand’s narrow 0317 X Proto. The head has full face grooves, which you don’t always get on hybrids, and it has a really friendly look. It’s also very easy to launch.

You should never buy hybrids based on distance alone, because they need to fill yardage gaps in your game, but by a single yard the 0211 was our pro’s longest of the year (see our 2021 Hybrid Test here). It created our fastest hybrid ball speed, too, and with a drop-off of 7.2% in carry, it was sixth best at protecting distance. In anybody’s book that’s an award-winning performance.

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What you need to know about the PXG 0211 Hybrid

New head shape

Even though originally they were £375 a pop (they’re now £205) we’ve loved the shape of PXG 0317 X Gen2 hybrid for a couple of years. PXG say the new 0211 has a new slightly larger profile to better suit it’s target audience.


PXG say the larger profile and deeper face adds not just confidence at address but extra forgiveness too. The larger face also means there’s a larger portion at maximum speed which means off-centre hits are less harshly punished in terms of ball speed.

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Railed sole     

Railed soles are nothing new when it comes to fairways and hybrids, but PXG say the 0211’s encompassing feature helps stiffen the head with zero trade-offs. The rails contain plenty of strategic weighting, so they help increase MOI and create a low centre of gravity, but also contribute to improving sound and feel too.


When hitting from the turf the rails help protect against digging, improving turf interaction, but have absolutely no negative impact on getting shots airborne.

The best of both worlds

Carbon crowns are absolutely nothing new when it comes to driver and fairway wood construction. But PXG’s new dual steel and carbon fibre idea is different to anything else on the market.

PXG say the idea removes weight from the highest point of the head, and as carbon fibre is significantly lighter than steel it saves a decent amount of inefficient weight from high up in the head. The brand’s Honeycomb TPE sole insert also soaks up vibration to ensure great sound and feel.

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Same face material and forward weighting

PXG have carved out a cracking reputation for creating great feeling and sounding irons. So with a face material that’s proven and accepted amongst players it makes a lot of sense to keep the same material (HT1770 stainless steel) for the new hybrid faces too.

Hitting shots from the turf is a very different game to driving shots off a tee. So PXG say the 0211 hybrid has forward sole weighting as players typically need a more forward CG when playing from the turf. The idea helps protect against distance zapping backspin and adds ball speed.   

We love how the sole weight can also be switched in 2.5g increments to add 10g, or remove 7.5g to accommodate different shaft lengths and types. It’s a model you won’t find with most manufacturers.

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Specs: PXG 0211 Hybrid


Simon Daddow

Review written by: Simon Daddow   

Job title: Today’s Golfer – Equipment Editor


Product Information

PXG 0211 Hybrid

RRP: £160

Lofts: 19° / 22° / 25° / 28°

Stock shaft: PXG insist on only fitting golfers to their best performing model. These are the no upcharge options available direct from their website.

Aldila NVS Orange / Mitsubishi MMT 70g / Project X Riptide 85g /

Stock grip: PXG Z5 (made by Lamkin)

Adjustable hosel: Yes (+/- 1.5°)

For further information visit www.PXG.com

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