Zoom Focus X – the £219 rangefinder

The Zoom Focus X is one of the cheapest golf rangefinders available. 

Some of the best golf rangefinders on the market retail for £450 or more. The Zoom Focus X is less than half that amount, but how does it compare in terms of features and functionality? 

The Zoom Focus X has six times magnification, which is on par with the leading brands of golf rangefinders. There are one or two lasers available with seven times magnification, but six is the standard, and will be more than sufficient. 


The Zoom Focus X has a range of 600 metres, which is more than enough for any golf hole, while a continuous flagpole scanning mode makes it easy to lock on to your desired target. When the target is found the flagpole lock icon appears and the unit’s vibration mode kicks in to confirm that the target is found.

Distances are accurate to within 0.5 metres and can be displayed in metres or yards.

The information is presented in a clear, easy to read format, and the eyepiece of the unit is adjustable, which means you can adapt it to your eyesight, even if you wear glasses. 

The Focus X adds a slope-adjusted distance option, delivering the actual distance and the distance golfers need to play for to account for a change in elevation from their ball to the target. The slope feature can be turned on and off with a button on top of the unit, making it eligible for tournament play. 

The Zoom Focus X is powered by a rechargable lithium battery, and features a low battery indicator to let you know when it’ll soon be due a charge. 

Available in white or charcoal, the Zoom Focus X has a premium look and feel that belies its budget price point. It also comes with a sturdy carry case to keep the unit safe and accessible when not in use. 


At a price point of just £219, the Zoom Focus X is a very good option for golfers who want all the functionality you could ask for of a golf rangefinder, without paying more for a recognised brand name or extra features like voice control and slope-adjusted distances that take weather conditions into account.

For more information visit www.zoomgolfproducts.com  

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