How Motocaddy’s golf trolley can help save lives

Motocaddy’s GPS golf trolleys and app provide free lifesaving information in the event of a cardiac arrest on the golf course.

When we came up with the idea for our Drive for Defibs campaign, which aims to get a defibrillator at every UK golf club, we knew that Motocaddy would be our ideal partner because their electric trolleys and app can pinpoint defibrillator locations and give CPR guidance.

Around 200 sudden cardiac arrests occur in the UK every day with a survival rate of less than one, and one in nine men will experience a sudden cardiac arrest before the age of 70.

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, time becomes a matter of life and death. Every minute of delay after a cardiac arrest reduces a patient’s chance of survival by 10 percent. CPR and AEDs used within five minutes increase the chance of survival from six percent to 74%. Every second counts when it comes to finding the nearest defibrillator and putting it to use. That’s why Motocaddy created the Defibrillator Database – the first record of defib locations at UK golf courses.

The free Motocaddy app offers CPR advice.

The life-saving info is available free to Motocaddy’s GPS mobile app users and through the popular touchscreen GPS models, which we list below. It provides an indication of the availability and location of on-course defibs, while also giving golfers simple and vital CPR instructions to administer to anyone suffering a cardiac arrest.

The feature has been supported by Heart Research UK, with more than 700 golf clubs across the UK already registered.


“Our research has identified that a growing number of golf clubs in the UK and Ireland have made a defibrillator available for their members and visitors to use in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest,” said Oliver Churcher, Motocaddy’s Marketing Director.

The Motocaddy GPS trolleys tell you where the nearest defibrillator is located and offer CPR advice.

“A shock normally needs to be delivered within 10 minutes to provide the best chance of survival, so every second counts and quick access to the unit is vital. We strongly believe that not only should the information be readily accessible to golfers, but every golf course should have an AED available. We will be working towards this goal.”

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Motocaddy’s GPS golf trolleys

The Motocaddy M3 GPS trolley.

Motocaddy M3 GPS 

RRP: £829.99 | VIEW OFFER
Weight: 10.4kg | Folded size: 650mm x 470mm x 410 mm | Warranty: Two years | Display: 2.8″ | Colours: Lime or Graphite

The popular M3 trolleys from Motocaddy have received a technological upgrade for the 2022 season, with the addition of a new dynamic green view which updates to display the shape of the green being played, plus the ability to move the flag position on its high-res 2.8″ LCD touchscreen display for accurate shot planning.

They can also connect to the Motocaddy GPS app via Bluetooth for optional smartphone alerts, plus course and software updates.

Incorporating a lightweight waterproof Lithium battery, the compact M-Series is powered by an incredibly reliable, next-generation 28V system, while the space-saving inverting wheels allow the trolley to fold down to a compact size to fit even the smallest of car boots for easy transportation and storage. The lightweight battery can even be charged without being removed.

The trolley handle is fully-adjustable to any height for maximum on-course comfort and the brand’s innovative Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system removes the need for a lower bag strap. All models also feature a USB charging port, convenient auto-open stand and oversized tubing for ultimate handle stability as standard.

You also get yardages for more than 40,000 preloaded courses with front, middle and back distances. The adjustable distance control up to 60 yards in five-yard increments is also very helpful.

For an extra £50 you can get the DHC (downhill control) model, with electric braking, ideal for those who play undulating courses.

You can also upgrade either model to the Ultra Lithium battery, which will last for at least 36 holes, for just £50.

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The Motocaddy M5 GPS trolley.

Motocaddy M5 GPS

RRP £899.99 | VIEW OFFER
Weight 10.5kg | Dimensions: 650mm x 470mm x 410mm | Warranty: Two years | Display: 3.5″ | Colours: Graphite

The M5 GPS offers everything the M3 GPS does, but with a bigger, 3.5-inch touchscreen and celluar connection, just like a mobile phone.

Inside, a SIM card talks to the network, giving live hole graphics (touch on any point to get lay-up and carry details rather than just yardages), shot tracking and performance stats for fairways and greens hit. It also records your score.

If you’re so inclined, you can also receive texts, emails, WhatsApp messages, Facebook notifications, etc.

As with the M3 GPS, you can upgrade to the DHC model and add an Ultra Lithium battery for an additional £50 for each.

If you’re the kind of golfer who likes (or needs) to stay connected while you’re on the course, the Motocaddy M5 could be the best electric golf trolley for you. 

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The Motocaddy M-Tech GPS trolley.

Motocaddy M-Tech electric golf trolley

RRP £1,399.99 | VIEW OFFER
Weight 10.4kg | Dimensions 650mm x 470mm x 410mm | Warranty: Three years | Display: 3.5″ | Colours: Black

Motocaddy threw the kitchen sink at the M-Tech in terms of features. The chassis may be the same as the other M models, but the Tech is decked out with leather touch points and carbon fibre/chrome detailing. It comes with all of the functionality you’ll find in the M5 GPS, including the 3.5-inch touchscreen and cellular connectivity, along with easy folding and Easilock compatibility for your bag.

The M-Tech is the top-of-the-range model and everything about the it screams luxury. You get DHC and the 36-hole battery as standard, which normally costs an additional £100, and buyers are also rewarded with a longer warranty than the other models – three years on the trolley and five years on the battery.

It also includes a year-long trial to Motocaddy’s Performance Plan, which is designed to help improve your game through stats and analysis.

If you aren’t bothered by remote control and want the best of everything (and don’t mind paying for it), there’s no question that the M-Tech will be the best Motocaddy trolley for you.


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