Does this tiny rangefinder pack a punch? Golf Buddy Aim L11 Review

By Ben Miles
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  • Pros
    • Super compact
    • Ultra fast
    • Easy to use


  • Cons
    • Doesn't look as good as some rangefinders
  • RRP £279.99

What we say...

The Golf Buddy Aim L11 is one of the smallest laser rangefinders in golf, but does its compact size mean a compromise in performance?

The Aim L11 is Golf Buddy’s most compact laser rangefinder to date but it’s still packed with new features and updated technology. I gave it an extended test to see how it compares to the best golf rangefinders.

Even in my relatively small hands (I wear a size small golf glove), the Golf Buddy Aim L11 feels extremely compact. It looks and feels high quality, which you would expect from a rangefinder at this price point, and the compact size helps you hold it steady.

The Golf Buddy Aim L11 is very compact


The key factor with any golf rangefinder is the speed and reliability of the yardages it gives you. Golf Buddy claim the Aim L11 has a range of 880 yards, and whilst I haven’t put that full limit to the test, I’ve been able to instantly lock on to flags over 450 yards away, even on wet days with limited visibility. The unit gives a small vibration to confirm it has captured the flag.

Whilst the ‘pin’ mode will likely get the most use, I’m a big fan of the ‘scan’ mode. This allows you to scan around the course and get instantly updated distances to hazards and other obstacles, including water hazards and bunkers. It’s a great feature to help you make good shot choices, particularly off the tee.


I’ve been really impressed with the clarity and detail on the LCD screen, which is made possible by the 6x magnification.

It’s also worth mentioning here that the L11 also displays in both yards and meters.

The Golf Buddy Aim L11 has slope technology, providing distances adjusted for elevation changes. This can be easily turned off with a slider just below the viewfinder.

You get distance displayed in both yards and meters.

Testing the Golf Buddy Aim L11 laser rangefinder

Ease of use

The other thing that became instantly apparent was how easy the L11 is to operate via two buttons on the top of the device.

A single press of the red button initiates the target lock, while the second button enables you to switch between that and the ‘scan’ mode.

The device automatically shuts itself off after 15 seconds without use, which is great for extending battery life.

I’m a big fan of the sturdy, hard-wearing carry case with carabiner clip. The magnetic fastening is a small detail but really helps speed of use as it means you don’t have to unzip and zip the case every time you access the laser. There’s a strong internal strap which stops the case opening too wide to ensure the laser doesn’t fall out.

As I say, they’re small details, but over time they are things that really make the Aim L11 more enjoyable to use.

The unit is waterproof, which has proven handy during the UK winter!

I'm a big fan of the Golf Buddy Aim L11's carry case

Golf Buddy Aim L11 – My verdict

I can’t really find a fault with the Golf Buddy Aim L11 rangefinder.

The compact and ergonomic design really minimizes hand shake or vibration, which allows you to lock onto the flag pretty much instantly, even from long range.

Speed is vital for me when using technology on the course, so I really appreciate the carry case with magnetic clip which makes it quick and easy to access.

I have total faith in the yardages, which means I can be fully confident in my club choices.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say I have seen better-looking rangefinders, but looks are pretty low down my priority list when choosing this type of product. Performance, accuracy, reliability, and ease of use are what count, and the Golf Buddy Aim L11 ticks every one of those boxes.

Alternative rangefinders

These are the models I would consider as good alternatives to the Golf Buddy Aim L11.

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Product Information

Golf Buddy Aim L11 Laser Rangefinder

RRP: £279.99 – BUY NOW - UK | $279.99 | BUY NOW - US

Range: 880 yards

Slope function? Yes

Color: White & Black

Warranty: Two years

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