Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch and Shot-Tracker Review

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With 50 million golf shots now tracked Shot Scope have revealed a brand new sleeker, more accurate Shot Scope V3 GPS watch and shot tracker.

Shot Scope have pioneered shot tracking through GPS watches and club tags since 2014. The inital plan was to combine GPS yardages into a shot tracking device and the idea was the brainchild of ex-Walker Cup player Gavin Dear and electronics engineer, David Hunter.

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After collecting golfers data for 6 years Shot Scope can now show average golfers handicaps typically fall by 3 shots whilst using shot-tracking tech. With numbers like that being thrown around it’s no surprise sales are on a steep upwards trajectory, and the brand feel ready to reveal two new GPS watches, the 3rd generation V3 and G3.

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch and Shot-Tracker

The V3 along with 16 club tags is a GPS watch and shot-tracker, while the new G3, does the same as the V3 but without the shot-tracking function. And Shot Scope say thanks to being accurate to within 30cm, where the norm is 3 – 5 metres, both give golfers the most accurate yardages they can get their hands on.

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Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch and Shot-Tracker

Whatyouneed to know about the Shot Scope V3:

Dynamic Distances

Distances for approaches are measured from the angle you’re attacking the green at, unlike other GPS systems which measure from the centre of the fairway. Both watches also give yardages to the front and carry distances of every hazard on the golf course.

Hands free

Tagging shots and putts is so old hat and really annoying. So ShotScope have cleverly come up with a system (only on the V3 shot-tracking model) which senses which club you’re using, so you don’t even need to tag putts or where the hole is. It’s completely hands free, and needs no player interaction whilst on the golf course.

How many stats do you need?

Once your round is complete, log on to ShotScope’s mobile app and get access to 100+ tour level stats. There’s everything from numbers on your clubs to tee shots, approaches and chipping and putting too.

A more personal everyday watch

Both new models come in 5 colours (Black, Grey, Red, Teal and Purple) with new interchangeable straps to be released soon, so not only can you personalise your new watch, you can also wear it as an everyday timepiece too.

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Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch and Shot-Tracker

Price details

ShotScope V3 – £209.99

ShotScope G3 – £169.99

Our Verdict: Shot Scope V3 GPS Golf Watch and Shot-Tracker

Shot Scope have been at shot tracking since 2014 and their game analysis platform has always been second to none. You get a 100 plus tour-level stats which help you understand your game, where the strengths and weaknesses lie, and also how to improve them.

If there’s been a drawback with Shot Scope in the past it’s the size of the watch used to collect data. But thanks to the brand new V3 you now get a sleek GPS watch which sits comfortably on the wrist. The system also requires absolutely zero interaction from you to track your whole round. Unlike previous versions the V3 and G3 also make great everyday watches.

As long as your ball is holed out on every green the system cleverly works out where the flag is positioned, allowing an accurate compilation of your stats.

The real win with Shot Scope though is never having to pay a subscription to access your data and analysis, which isn’t always the case with others. If there’s a downside it’s that you need to wear a watch on your leading wrist.

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch and Shot-Tracker

What Shot Scope say about the V3:

“Perhaps the most important feature of the V3 watch is its new appearance. With a significantly thinner and more compact profile, the V3 provides golfers with a comfortable and more traditional smart watch appearance on the wrist,” said Shot Scope CEO, David Hunter.

Using the latest satellite technology, Shot Scope has produced the most accurate golf GPS on the market, accurate to just 30cm. This marks an enormous improvement on the standard unit average of three to five metres. V3 is the most complete GPS watch in the game, providing dynamic distances to the front, middle and back of greens as well as front and carry distances for every hazard on over 35,000 pre-loaded golf courses.

V3 users have unlimited access to Tour-quality performance statistics with the touch of a button. More than 100 different analytics can be reviewed via the Shot Scope V3 mobile app or Shot Scope’s online dashboard on different clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting.

In addition to shot tracking and pioneering GPS technology, the V3 features a new everyday watch mode. With a new slim profile and stylish band, V3 is the ideal watches for everyday use, on or off the course.

Shot Scope technology has been used by tens of thousands of golfers worldwide recording more than 50 million shots, helping amateur golfers to improve on average by three strokes with our automatic performance tracking technology,” added Hunter.

“Our team is passionate and driven to deliver game changing technology solutions and V3 is the realisation of three years of research, development, determination and a commitment to excellence.”

How Shot Scope V3 and G3 compare to the previous V2

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch and Shot-Tracker

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch and Shot-Tracker

Product Information

ShotScope V3 GPS watch

Number of courses: 36,000 | Battery life: 10+ hours
Pros: Compact and accurate | Comes with shot trackers | 100+ statistics
Cons: Doesn’t pick up every shot

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