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The ShotScope V2 does everything you would expect of a standard GPS golf watch – it comes with 40,000 courses and shows you yardages to the front, middle and back of the green – but it is so much more than that. 

The ShotScope V2 comes with 16 sensors. You screw one into the end of each of your clubs (the 16 means you’ve got one for each club and two spares) and this enables the watch to automatically detect every shot you hit. It can then map your entire round, shot-by-shot, and collect a huge amount of helpful data about your golf game. You won’t notice the sensors at all, as they are so light and screw snugly into the grip of your club, and they mean you don’t have to think about tagging your club before you hit a shot, which can be a distraction with other golf shot-tracking systems. The only thing you need to do manually is press a button on the side of the watch when you’re stood by the hole, retrieving your ball. That tells the watch where the pin position was on that day. 

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The amount of data the ShotScope V2 offers you is fantastic. It gives you over a 100 statistics, covering the kind of things you normally see on tour. Here are a few examples of what the ShotScope V2 can show you, but there’s loads more:

– Approach shot proximity to the hole

– Greens in regulation

– Up and down percentage

– Driving distance

– Fairways hit / fairways missed left / fairways missed right

– Average yardage with each club, plus your longest shot with each club

– Putts per round

– Putts holed percentage from different distances

– Average holes per three-putt

The data is incredibly detailed. If you’re into your golf stats, you could lose hours poring over every part of your game. But most importantly, the statistics from the ShotScope V2 can teach you things about your game that you wouldn’t otherwise have realised. That will help you determine which parts of your game you need to work on, and help you make better decisions out on the course, saving you shots. 

The only negative to the ShotScope V2 is the watch itself. It’s quite bulky and not the best-looking golf watch on the market. That said, once it’s on, it’s perfectly comfortable and you won’t notice it while you’re playing. We’re expecting a V3 to be released in the not-too-distant future, which will hopefully come in a sleaker package. 

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