Bridgestone e6 2023 Golf Balls Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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  • Pros

    - Great value balls for moderate swing speeds
    - Good feedback from every club
    - Soft feeling
    - Long distance off the tee and high greenside spin

  • Cons

    - Increased dispersion if you have a quick swing speed

  • RRP £25.00

What we say...

The Bridgestone e6 golf balls have been engineered for more power and feel.

Bridgestone have an incredible reputation in the golfing world for producing some of the best golf balls. The Georgia-based company has been manufacturing iterations of the e6 since the first model was released in 2005. This ball is the brand’s longest-running and best-seller; largely recognized as one of the best distance golf balls.

The e6 is an exceptional golf ball for club golfers because it provides soft feel and long distance. It’s hard to believe it’s only a two-piece construction golf ball based on the quality.

Bridgestone E6 golf balls are among the best golf balls.

Key tech

All golf balls feature specific technology which best fits the ball and its intended target. Bridgestone is the No.1 ball fitter in the world and so the technology they include in their golf balls is expertly judged to get each ball performing as well as possible, but what is the technology packed in the e6?

Seamless Cover Technology

The seamless cover technology offers a consistent ball flight by optimizing spin. It also enhances the feel off the club face making approach shots into and around the green more controlled.  

Gradational Compression Core

Helping the ball travel straight and travel further is the gradational compression core. This is a huge help off the tee and makes those approach shots a little easier by improving the overall performance of the e6.

Bridgestone E6 golf balls are among the best golf balls.

What Bridgestone say about the e6

Elliott Mellow, Bridgestone’s Golf Ball Marketing Manager

“We’ve had an incredible run with the e6.

“We want a ball that’s easy to compress, that’s easy to get in the air and has a soft feel for the consumer.

“The e6 understandably has a lot of fans and the enhanced feel of the new design is sure to please. The added distance and forgiveness on off-center hits are an added bonus.”

The Bridgestone E6 is a two-piece golf ball.

Bridgestone E6 review: Robot golf balls test verdict

Driver 85mph SwingBridgestone E6
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)121.9 / 13.9
Backspin (rpm)2,325
Carry (yards)193
Driver 100mph Swing
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)141.7 / 12.9
Backspin (rpm)2,257
Carry (yards)239.5
Driver 115mph Swing
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)161.8 / 11.2
Backspin (rpm)1,943
Carry (yards)284.9
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)105.6 / 22.5
Backspin (rpm)4,541
Height (feet)90.9
Descent angle (º)46.3
Carry (yards)150.4
Backspin (rpm)7,059
Shot area (sq yds)11.9
Carry (yards)105.8
Average shot area
Averaged over driver, 7-iron and PW34yds sq 

Battles rage annually over controlling the two-piece golf ball market as millions of boxes are sold within the category.

Five two-piece models took part in our robot test and if we said the Bridgestone E6 ranks fourth for combined driver and iron distance (averaged over the 85mph and 100mph speeds), fifth for wedge spin, and third for overall accuracy, you, like us, will probably be thinking that there are slightly better-performing options out there, even at this end of the market.

See how it compared to the other 27 models in our robot golf balls test

Bridgestone e6 golf balls.

Bridgestone e6 availability

The e6 is available in white and optic yellow. The balls are numbered in the traditional manner from 1 through 4.

The balls are available to purchase from numerous retailers at an RRP of £25/$25; certainly a ball for the club golfers to try.

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Product Information

Bridgestone e6 

RRP: £25 per dozen | VIEW UK OFFER$25 per dozen | VIEW US OFFER 

Construction: Two-piece golf ball

Cover: 326-dimple surlyn cover

Colors: White; Yellow

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