Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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  • Pros

    - Very long and tight dispersion when you middle it
    - Work exceptionally well for quick swing speeds
    - Very solid and responsive off every club in the bag
    - Available in alternative alignment and visibility models

  • Cons

    - Lack of spin can hurt if you don't quite catch it

  • RRP £50.00

What we say...

Callaway’s low-spinning premium golf balls

As manufacturers of some of the best golf balls, it’s not surprising that Callaway dipped their toe into producing a high-compression, low-spin golf ball – Chrome Soft X LS. First released in 2020, the Chrome Soft X LS was an instant hit.

Xander Schuaffele opted for Chrome Soft X LS when he won gold at the 2020 Olympic games. Shauffele isn’t the only Callaway staffer to depend on Chrome Soft X LS to help them to glory. Callaway golf balls have achieved some brilliant accolades over the years but there are perhaps none bigger than a gold medal.

Most golfers will have had the pleasure of playing with Callaway golf balls, but maybe not with their low-spinning premium golf balls. These balls won’t be for everyone but they might be worth trying if you generate too much spin off the tee.

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf ball

Key tech

Precision technology

The precision technology used in this golf ball helps you to find more fairways while sustaining ball speed resulting in longer distance and tighter dispersion.

Construction optimization

By using a new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core, Callaway have been able to produce Tour-level spin, control, and speed from every club in the bag.

New tour aero

Incorporating a new tour aero design delivers a consistent ball flight in a wide range of conditions.

Danny Willett plays with Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf balls

Who uses Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf balls?

Chrome Soft X LS might not be as popular as Callaway’s best premium golf balls – Chrome Soft X – but they are found on Tour. Despite no longer being in the bag of Xander Schauffele they have had much success. Callaway golf balls have increased in popularity among Tour professionals over the past few years and their Chrome Soft X LS golf balls are represented on multiple Tours.

On the PGA Tour, 2016 Masters Champion Danny Willett chooses to play with Chrome Soft X LS, as does 2022 RSM Classic winner, Adam Svensson, and 2023 Barracuda Champion, Akshay Bhatia. Emma Talley is the only LPGA Callaway staffer who plays Chrome Soft X LS. Another very famous European golfer reaches for the Chrome Soft X LS, Thomas Bjorn.

Callaway Chrome Soft range of golf balls

Which Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls should I use?

If you tend to play with the best amateur-level golf balls and are looking to step up and play with a premium golf ball, the Chrome Soft X LS probably won’t be the natural progression. These balls are designed to help golfers with quick swing speeds who generate too much spin off the tee. Around the greens you still get all the spin and control you would expect from any premium golf ball – especially Callaway.

The most popular and well-represented Callaway golf ball on Tour is the Chrome Soft X. Designed for golfers with driver swing speeds north of 100mph it’s clear to see why this is the Tour-preferred Callaway model. This golf ball can hit and hold greens extremely easily thanks to its impressive spin and control. If you want to use the same golf ball as some of the best in the world, this is the one to go for!

The third ball in the Chrome Soft range is the Chrome Soft. This ball is very different from the other models in this range. With only a 75 compression rating and a three-piece construction, it’s aimed more at amateur golfers than Tour professionals. However, it can be found in the bag of one Tour player. If you want to save some money it’s worth checking out the ERC Soft.

The Callaway Chrome Soft X LS is a four-piece golf ball.

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS review: Robot golf balls test verdict

Driver 85mph SwingCallaway Chrome Soft X LS
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)123.3 / 13.4
Backspin (rpm)2,742
Carry (yards)193.1
Driver 100mph Swing
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)145.3 / 12.3
Backspin (rpm)2,595
Carry (yards)242.7
Driver 115mph Swing
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)167.2 / 10.9
Backspin (rpm)2,042
Carry (yards)295.1
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)106 / 21.6
Backspin (rpm)5,336
Height (feet)88.7
Descent angle (º)46.4
Carry (yards)147.9
Backspin (rpm)7,408
Shot area (sq yds)15.2
Carry (yards)104.8
Average shot area
Averaged over driver, 7-iron and PW30.2yds sq

The data from our robot test shows the Chrome Soft X LS is amazing for golfers with quick swing speeds – as Callaway intends. At 115mph it performed third best for distance and only 132 rpm away from being the best low-spinning model.

Dispersion for many golfers is as important (if not more) as distance, and while Chrome Soft X LS won’t win any awards for dispersion, it’s not the worst ball on the market. If cutting down on spin is what you want and you have serious club head speed then it’s worth giving the Chrome Soft X LS a shot.

Find out how the Chrome Soft X LS compared with the 27 other golf balls in our robot test.

There are a host of alignment and visibility options available in Callaway's Chrome Soft.

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS availability

If you’re thinking about purchasing a dozen or more Chrome Soft X LS golf balls, they come in standard white or yellow. If you want to push the boat out, Chrome Soft X LS are available in Triple Track, 360° Triple Track, and Tru Track – these help with alignment and visibility.

You can purchase Chrome Soft X LS golf balls from a wider range of retailers at an RRP of £50 / $55. These golf balls won’t suit everyone but for the right golfer there aren’t many golf balls to challenge.

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Product Information

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

RRP: £50 per dozen | VIEW UK OFFER | $55 per dozen | VIEW US OFFER

Construction: 4-piece with urethane cover

Compression: 100

Colors and models: White; Yellow; Triple Track; 360° Triple Track; TruTrack

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