Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball 2023 Review

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The Callaway Supersoft is one of the best golf balls for beginners and high handicappers. There are many reasons why it’s so successful. As the name suggests, it’s super soft, but it’s also impressively long and encourages a straight flight.

Callaway Supersoft are among the most popular balls in the world.

Callaway say the 2023 version is their most refined yet, further enhancing all of its benefits to improve your performance from tee to green.

The HyperElastic SoftFast Core has been optimized for faster speed and a soft feel around the green. And like the ERC Soft, the hybrid cover allows more wedge control and a soft feel but doesn’t diminish the ball’s distance or durability.

Callaway Supersoft MAX 2023 Golf Ball.

The Supersoft MAX replaced the Supersoft Magna back in 2020, and the 2023 version is better than ever. This oversized golf ball targets golfers seeking that bit of extra confidence.

The MAX has all of the same tech offered to golfers by the standard Supersoft but it’s 3% bigger. It fully complies with the Rules of Golf but should make this devilishly difficult game that little bit easier for newcomers and higher handicappers.

As well as the standard white, the 2023 Supersoft are available in a host of eye-catching matte finishes too that enhance the ability to see the ball but also bring some color variation to your game.

Callaway Supersoft Matte ball colors.

Tech and Benefits: Callaway Supersoft, Supersoft MAX, and Supersoft Matte 2023 golf balls

Increased Ball Speed with Soft Feel From Our HyperElastic SoftFast Core

Optimized for faster speed and a soft feel around the green.    

Exceptional Feel, Control, and Spin with Long Distance From Our Hybrid Cover

Allows Callaway to create more wedge control while still maximizing distance, very soft feel, and durability.

Callaway Supersoft are among the most popular balls in the world.

Callaway Supersoft review: Robot golf balls test verdict

Driver 85mph SwingCallaway Supersoft
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)122.4 / 14.1
Backspin (rpm)2,280
Carry (yards)195
Driver 100mph Swing
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)142.8 / 12.7
Backspin (rpm)2,284
Carry (yards)241.4
Driver 115mph Swing
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)162.7 / 11.5
Backspin (rpm)1,910
Carry (yards)287.8
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)105.8 / 22.4
Backspin (rpm)4,792
Height (feet)91.4
Descent angle (º)46.6
Carry (yards)149.8
Backspin (rpm)7,129
Shot area (sq yds)14.8
Carry (yards)106.1
Average shot area
Averaged over driver, 7-iron, and PW37yds sq

We’ve seen sales figures which suggest the Supersoft was the biggest-selling ball in the USA last year (2022), which highlights just where the average club golfer spends their cash when it comes to balls. Expect a blend of distance and durability with reasonable levels of feel and spin.

We tested the standard size model in white and based on this performance and the price we can see why the Supersoft has proved such a big hit. Our lowest spin ball at the 85mph and 115mph driver speeds, and it just missed out on the same crown in the 100mph category.

Just remember this is a low-spin ball, which isn’t always the best option if you have issues flighting shots high enough to maximize carry distance at lesser speeds.

With the 7-iron it was the third longest, but it produced 650rpm and 448rpm less backspin with the iron and wedge than average, so bear in mind it might not stop quite as quickly as a Wilson Duo Soft or Srixon AD333.

See how it compared to the other 27 models in our robot golf balls test.

The Callaway Supersoft is a two-piece golf ball.

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Product Information

Callaway Supersoft, Supersoft MAX, and Supersoft Matte golf ball

RRP: £29 per dozen | VIEW UK OFFER$25 per dozen | VIEW US OFFER

Construction: Two piece

Colors: Supersoft - White or Yellow. Supersoft MAX - White. Supersoft Matte - Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, White, and Pink.

Launched: January 2023

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