Precept Laddie Xtreme Golf Balls Review

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2009, Updated Model – Review

Although good distances were achieved with the Laddie X, neither was impressed with the feel it provided. Mark felt very little control with his wedge shots while Edward didn’t like the less-than-impressive impact sound and feel with his wedge. They thought it was great if you need some beef off the tee though


The Precept Laddie Xtreme Golf Balls features include a 2-Piece Surlyn® cover, an enhanced Velocity Muscle-Fiber Core, a new 372 Wind Cheating Dimple Design and a touch N'control Ionomer® Cover

Explosive velocity off the driver with high launch and low spin for extreme distance.

The ball targets players who seeking long distance and great feel with a wide range swing speed.

 Precept Laddie Xtreme golf balls

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