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  • Best Skechers Golf Shoes 2024

    Wednesday 23 August 2023

    Which are the best Skechers golf shoes? Jump to: Spiked | Spikeless | Ladies | Buying Guide | FAQs Skechers have made quite an impact since launching into the golf market in 2014 with some of the most innovative designs, producing some of the best golf shoes. They have been central players in a quiet revolution in the golf shoes sector with the move towards more casual-looking footwear.

  • Best Payntr Golf Shoes 2024

    Friday 18 August 2023

    Which are the best Payntr golf shoes for 2024? Jump to:  – Spikeless  – Spiked – Ladies  – Buying Guide – FAQs Payntr have successfully disrupted a fruitful golf market. With their well-considered and high-performance footwear, they reach front and center on the world stage with some of the best golf shoes. Designed to give you support, energy return, comfort, and...

  • Best Cheap Golf Balls 2024: Cost-effective and high-performing

    Written by James Hogg on Friday 18 August 2023

    Which cheap golf balls are worth purchasing to improve your game and save you money? Jump to: Best cheap golf balls Buying Guide FAQs Every golfer wants to play with the best golf balls, but not every golfer wants to spend top dollar on a dozen golf balls. Playing golf can be expensive, so where it’s possible to save some money it’s welcomed,...

  • Best Ping Drivers 2024: tested head-to-head

    Thursday 17 August 2023

    What is the best Ping driver for me in 2024? We reveal the ideal model for your golf game. Ping have consistently made some of the best golf drivers for many years now. The best Ping drivers include models aimed at lowering spin, draw-biased drivers designed to help battle a slice, and some of the most forgiving drivers available. The choice...

  • Best Golf Alignment Sticks 2024

    Written by Ross Tugwood on Wednesday 16 August 2023

    The best golf alignment sticks are a surefire way to get your swing out of a sticky situation and pull your game back in line. Jump To: Best Alignment Sticks | Buying Guide | FAQs Alignment sticks are one of the best golf accessories you can carry in your bag, and despite being overlooked by many, are a fundamental training aid that...

  • ROBOT TEST: Which Golf Ball Is Best For My Game? Our data reveals all about 28 leading models!

    Written by Simon Daddow on Friday 11 August 2023

    Whether you’re a hard-swinging low handicapper or a slow-swinging senior, this robot golf balls test will identify the best model for your game… The Robot Golf Balls Test is brought to you in association with Ping JUMP TO: Meet the robot | Meet the experts | How we did it | How do golf balls differ | Ball-by-ball analysis | The top...

  • Best Draw Drivers 2023: The best drivers to stop a slice – tested!

    Wednesday 9 August 2023

    What are the best draw drivers to help keep your slice in check? Our in-depth 2023 test reveals all. Draw drivers tend to be the best golf drivers for players who struggle with a slice, as they can straighten out your shots, give you more distance, and keep your ball in play more often. Some of the best draw drivers can...

  • Best Bridgestone Golf Balls 2024

    Written by James Hogg on Monday 7 August 2023

    Some of golf’s biggest names play with Bridgestone golf balls, but which one will you choose for 2024? Jump to: Best Bridgestone golf balls | Buying Guide | FAQs Bridgestone are the No.1 ball fitter in golf and are responsible for some of the best golf balls on the market for golfers of all abilities. Having first produced golf balls...

  • Which KBS putter shaft best suits your game?

    Monday 7 August 2023

    The super stable graphite KBS GPS putter shaft boosts the MOI of putters by upping stability over steel alternatives. But which of the brands four putter shaft options best suits you? We’ve done a lot of testing over the last 18 months on driver and iron shafts and the theme trending through most is upping MOI through increased shaft stability.

  • Lighten the load with one of the best golf trolleys 2024 has to offer

    Written by Rob Jerram on Tuesday 1 August 2023

    Are you eyeing up a new set of wheels this season? Today’s Golfer has road-tested the best trolleys to help lower your score. Jump To: Best GPS Electric Golf Trolleys Best Remote Electric Golf Trolleys Best Follow Electric Golf Trolleys Best Affordable Electric Golf Trolleys Best Push Golf Trolleys Buying Guide FAQs Switching out the back straps for a GPS, remote, or follow electric golf...

  • Best Ladies’ Golf Balls 2024

    Written by James Hogg on Friday 28 July 2023

    What are the best golf balls available to ladies in 2024? Jump to: Best Ladies’ golf balls | Buying Guide | FAQs The golf ball options for ladies are perhaps greater than for any other golfer, ladies have the pick of female-specific golf balls along with all the best golf balls on the market. Just because there are ladies’ golf balls doesn’t...

  • Best Blade Golf Clubs: Our data-backed shortlist of stunners to seduce the purist ball strikers

    Wednesday 26 July 2023

    Today’s Golfer pitch the best blade irons head-to-head to pick out the most versatile, workable, and beautiful models in 2024. Best Blade Golf Irons The Data How We Test Buying Guide FAQs Historically revered as the best golf irons for elite and high-level players, blade irons have started to fade a little in terms of popularity on tour with many of the top stars now opting...

  • Best Forged Golf Irons 2024: The best in feel and performance

    Monday 24 July 2023

    The best forged golf irons offer unrivaled feel, but are they right for your game, and which model should you go for? Our head-to-head test will help you pick the best forged golf irons for your game. Forged irons have historically been seen as the players’ choice among the best golf irons available. Forged irons were typically aimed at better...

  • Best Premium Golf Balls 2024

    Written by James Hogg on Monday 24 July 2023

    What are the best premium golf balls available to golfers for 2024? JUMP TO: Best Premium golf balls | Buying Guide | FAQs Deciding the best golf balls for your game can be pretty overwhelming, especially with the extensive choice available. If you appreciate the finer things in life, then you may want to play with the best premium golf...

  • Best Driving Irons and Utility Clubs 2024

    Friday 21 July 2023

    Not every golfer carries a driving iron, but those that do tend to love them for their ability to hit fairway-finding missiles. Today’s Golfer reviews the best golf driving irons and utility clubs available in 2024. Jump To: Best Driving Irons & Utility Clubs | Buying Guide | FAQs Golfers who are comfortable hitting long irons often prefer driving irons to hybrids...

  • Best Amateur-Level Golf Balls 2024

    Written by James Hogg on Monday 17 July 2023

    What are the best golf balls available to amateur golfers in 2024? Jump to: Best amateur-level golf balls | Buying Guide | FAQs Whether you are an amateur golfer who continuously plays to a decent level or an amateur golfer aspiring to lower your scores you need to know what the best golf balls are for your game. Obviously, golf balls for...

  • Best FootJoy Golf Shoes 2024

    Thursday 13 July 2023

    What are the best FootJoy golf shoes? JUMP TO: Men’s | Women’s Still, the most iconic golf shoe brand, FootJoy have been producing elite-level equipment and some of the game’s best golf shoes for more than 150 years. They have a style of shoe to suit every golfer’s needs, whether it is the classic-looking FootJoy Premiere and FootJoy Traditions, or the more contemporary FootJoy Flex and...

  • Best Used Golf Clubs 2024

    Monday 10 July 2023

    What are the best used golf clubs of 2024 and how can you sell your old golf gear? Jump To: Best Used Drivers | Best Used Fairway Woods | Best Used Hybrids | Best Used Irons | Best Used Wedges | Best Used Putters | Buying Guide There are thousands of second-hand golf clubs for sale online and in pro shops. Like...

  • Best Puma Golf Shoes 2024

    Wednesday 5 July 2023

    Which are the best Puma golf shoes? JUMP TO: Men’s | Women’s The legendary German sportswear company Puma is one of the biggest of its kind in the world and has acquired a reputation for innovative designs in football and athletics, and now making some of the world’s best golf shoes. Certainly, Puma’s range of golf shoes has millions of fans from all over the world...

  • The best golf carts to make walking the fairways stress-free and less tiring

    Written by James Hogg on Tuesday 4 July 2023

    Are you sick of carrying your golf clubs or hiring golf carts every time you play? Today’s Golfer has the perfect solution! Invest in one of the best golf carts on the market to save money, energy, and shots on the golf course Jump to: Best GPS Electric Golf Push Carts Best Remote Electric Golf Push Carts Best Electric Golf Push Carts Best Golf...

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