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What are the best Titleist irons for your game?

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Titleist have been making some of the best golf irons since way back in 1970 and today have a range that suits all levels and handicaps.

Always very popular with good golfers, Titleist irons are used by a huge number of tour pros, including Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantlay and Nelly Korda.

But Titleist also make some of the best irons for mid-handicappers and have sets more suited to beginner golfers and high handicappers, too.

We tested every model on a launch monitor to help identify the best Titleist irons for your game.

Best Titleist Irons

Price: £160 (S) £185 (G)


Titleist have a reputation for making some of the best blade golf clubs and there’s no denying the Titleist 620 MB irons look and feel fantastic, but think very carefully before putting them in your golf bag.

The fact that players like Will Zalatoris and 2022 Open Champion Cameron Smith opt for the forged cavity-back Titleist T100 over the 620 MB should ring some alarm bells as even the world’s best players are opting for more forgiveness than what’s on offer with the 620 MB.

Our test pro’s shot area was 288% larger with the 620 MB compared to Titleist’s hollow body T200 iron, which is further evidence of another good ball-striker benefiting from more forgiveness.


  • Classic looks
  • Lovely feel
  • Good spin and control


  • Very unforgiving
  • Short distances
  • Forgiveness rating:
Category: Muscleback Blade
Handicap range: Four and below
Construction: One piece forged
7-Iron loft: 35°
Price: £160 (S) £185 (G)


Like the 620 MB, the Titleist 620 CB are often overlooked in favor of the more forgiving Titleist T100, even by some of the best players in the world, so don’t assume that a cavity back makes this model easy to play.

We’d put the Titleist 620 CB as comparable to the Callaway Apex TCB and TaylorMade P7MC.

A super-weak 7-iron loft that matches the 620 MB means the CB and MB are well-suited for a combo set but we’d maintain that even very strong golfers should look at the more forgiving Titleist T100 instead.


  • Traditionalists will love the weak lofts
  • Combo set potential with 620 MB


  • Short distances
  • Minimal forgiveness
  • Forgiveness rating:
Category: Players’ Iron
Handicap range: Four and below
Construction: One piece forged
7-Iron loft: 35°

Price: £164 (S) £178 (G) per club


The Titleist T100 and T100 S will suit good players, with the choice between the two coming down to whether you need the extra distance offered by the T100 S.

Our test saw the Titleist T100 S provide an extra 4.4 mph of ball speed over the standard T100, which led to an additional 9 yards of carry distance. Just remember, though, that the extra distance comes with a 1.4° lower launch, 255rpm less spin and a 0.6° shallower landing angle, so shots won’t stop quite as quickly on the green.

If you are considering the T100 S it is worth looking at the Titleist T200 as well; it has a fast face and will likely offer higher shots and a steeper descent angle, with a few yards of extra distance too.

Read our full Titleist T100 review.


  • Great looks
  • Option to suit different swing speeds
  • Decent distance


  • Not the most forgiving
  • Forgiveness rating:
Category: Players’ / Players Distance Iron
Handicap range: 6 and below
Construction: Forged cavity with internal tungsten weighting
7-Iron loft: 34° / 32°

Price: £164 (S) £178 (G)


The Titleist T200 is one of the best players’ distance irons and a great alternative to the likes of the TaylorMade P770 and Callaway Apex 21 Pro.

The Titleist T200 is a thoroughly modern iron with a thin, fast face, 100g of internal tungsten weighting and clean looks that almost match those of a blade.

Our test saw the Titleist T200 deliver 2.3mph more ball speed and 7 yards more carry distance than the T100 S. Those gains came alongside higher launch and a steeper descent angle, which makes it a win-win.

Like all of the Titleist T-Series irons, the T200 is likely to be replaced in 2023 so if owning the latest equipment is important to you, you may want to wait for the newer models to be released.

Read our full Titleist T200 review.


  • Great distance
  • Excellent height and stopping power
  • Good looks


  • Likely to be replaced soon
  • Forgiveness rating:
Category: Players’ Distance Iron
Handicap range: 12 and below
Construction: Hollow body with tungsten weighting
7-Iron loft: 31°


Titleist aren’t known for making the best mid-handicap irons in the way Ping are, but if great looks are more important to you than maximum forgiveness the T300 could be a great option for you. Making irons that look smart but still perform like game-improvement irons is a tough ask, but Titleist have just about nailed it with the T300.

The strong lofts meant a fairly low launch angle in our test, but the peak height was a match for the rest of the irons in the Titleist line-up.

Read our full Titleist T30 review.


  • Decent forgiveness
  • Smart looks


  • Strong lofts may not suit all golfers
  • Forgiveness rating:
Category: Mid-Handicap Iron
Handicap range: 12 and above
Construction: Cast cavity back
7-Iron loft: 29°


Titleist refer to the T400 as their “players’ super distance iron” but we can’t see many decent players wanting this chunky a model in their bag.

With such strong lofts, those with moderate or slow swing speeds will struggle to launch shots high enough or with enough spin to have much chance of stopping on the green. Our test showed the Titleist T400 generating just 4,484rpm of spin, and that’s at a higher swing speed than the type of golfer likely to be considering this model.

For most golfers, the Titleist T300 will be a better option.


  • Very forgiving
  • Chunky heads will inspire confidence for some


  • Very strong lofts and low launch
  • Hard to stop on the green
  • Forgiveness rating:
Category: Moderate Speed/High-Handicap Iron
Handicap range: 28 and below
Construction: Hollow body
7-Iron loft: 26°

Launch monitor data: How the best Titleist irons performed in our test

How the best TItleist irons compared in our test

How we tested the best Titleist irons

To test golf equipment, we create a controlled indoor environment at Keele Golf Centre and use a premium tour-level golf ball (the Srixon Z-Star). We collect all the data from every shot hit, using a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor.   

The Srixon Z-Star is our test ball for 2023

Why do we use a Srixon Z-Star golf ball?

It would be easy to use just one test golf ball brand every year, but that inevitably leads to criticism for being too closely aligned to one manufacturer, especially if that brand’s equipment performs particularly well. To ensure fairness we like to switch manufacturers for the Top Gear test ball each year. For 2023 we’ve used the Srizon Z-Star.

The brand have just revealed their eighth-generation model, and Srixon General Manager Brian Schielke says “finding the right ball for your game is just as important as finding the right irons or driver, it’s the one piece of equipment you use on every single shot”.

Thanks to the previous Z-Star mopping up 31 wins across all tour global tours last year (that’s 15.5% of the wins available) we know the model is trusted by the world’s very best.

Neil Wain is the Today's Golfer golf test professional.

Why do we use a pro tester?

Speak to any golf club engineer about product testing and they all talk about needing a repeatable, reliable strike to offer any sort of valuable comparison. So, whilst we accept not all of the equipment included within our tests was designed for our test pro, what our data shows is a great comparison of how clubs in each particular category differ, which is hugely valuable in helping you narrow your choice as a consumer.

We tested 83 different 7-irons, during which our test pro missed a target green at 170 to 200 yards no more than a dozen times. He got a hole-in-one, lipped out, and hit the flag several times, he also loves hitting golf balls all day long. In short, Neil Wain is the perfect club tester due to his consistency in delivering accurate and reliable comparative data.

We would of course always recommend attending a proper fitting session, to ensure any purchase is tailored to your game. 

Buying advice & FAQs

Which Titleist iron is most forgiving?

The T300 and T400 are the most forgiving Titleist irons. We feel the Titleist T300 will suit more golfers as the T400 has extremely strong lofts which may be hard to launch for some, but it’s worth testing both models to see which one works best for you.

Are the T200 or T300 more forgiving?

The Titleist T300 is more forgiving than the T200. The forgiveness level increases with the model number in the Titleist T-Series iron range, so T200 is more forgiving than T100, T300 more forgiving than T200, and T400 more forgiving than T300.

Who are the Titleist T300 irons aimed at? What handicap should play T300?

The Titleist T300 irons are aimed at handicaps of 12 and above. There’s plenty of forgiveness and distance-boosting potential, which are things many mid to high handicappers are looking for.

What are the best Titleist irons for a mid-handicapper?

We feel the Titleist T200 are the best Titleist irons for a mid-handicapper who is hoping to improve. They offer lots of distance and forgiveness alongside good height, spin and stopping power. Mid-handicappers who are less confident in their iron game may prefer the Titleist T300 instead.

What handicap are T200 irons for? Are Titleist T200 irons good for high handicappers?

The Titleist T200 irons are best for handicaps of 12 and below. High handicappers will generally benefit from the greater forgiveness on offer with the Titleist T300 or T400. That said, handicap ranges are never set in stone; you could be a decent iron player but have a high handicap due to other parts of your game, in which case the T200 might be a good option for you.

Is T100 or T200 better?

Whilst it’s impossible to say one is categorically “better” than the other, we feel the Titleist T200 will be a better option for most golfers thanks to the extra distance, launch, and consistency.

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