Best Golf Shot-Tracking Devices 2024

Which are the best golf shot-tracking devices to help you improve your game in 2024?

For the serious golfer, tracking shots is a very helpful aspect of understanding one’s game and with new golf GPS’s this has now become a reality. Small details become more important the lower your handicap and a yard here and there can make a big difference at the top level.

So the advancements in GPS ball-tracking technology have come at just the right time for young up-and-comers and the shot-tracking systems, which are easy to set up and use, are becoming increasingly popular.

They all essentially use the same system – a small device attached to each club acts as a sensor so the data collection device – phone, watch or specialist device – knows which club you are using and how far it has gone. Most now collect the data automatically without needing to tap the sensor before each shot.

With each club being monitored a whole new wave of information opportunities opens up, allowing the software to determine which club is appropriate before every shot.

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But first let’s take a closer look at our pick of the best golf shot-trackers.

Available in four different coloured straps, the ShotScope V3 does everything you would expect of a standard GPS golf watch – it comes with 35,000 courses pre-loaded and shows yardages to the front, middle and back of the green – but it is so much more than that.

Shot Scope’s system is different to its GPS watch rivals because of the emphasis it puts on shot tracking. The V3 golf watch comes with 16 sensors (you screw one into the end of each of your clubs) and this enables the watch to automatically detect every shot you hit. It can then map your entire round, shot-by-shot, and collect a huge amount of helpful data about your golf game. You won’t notice the sensors at all, as they are so light and screw snugly into the grip of your club.

You don’t even need to tag where the flag is when putting out, ShotScope’s clever new system does everything for you and the amount of data it captures is fantastic. It gives you more than 100 statistics including greens in regulation, driving distance and putts per round.

While it doesn’t have the graphics capabilities of more expensive GPS watches, the V3 will also be a popular option thanks to its measuring system. The makers believe its dual satellite technology reduces the industry standard margin for error down from 3-5 metres to just 30cm.

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Arccos has really led the way in this marketplace and it has established a well-deserved reputation as a company that innovates.

Its Smart Grips system keeps it one step ahead of the game and is a fully automatic shot-tracking system and this year (May 2022) is launched an updated version of its Link device, which allows you to store all the data without needing to use your mobile phone.

The grips themselves – they act as the swing sensors – come in four styles and two sizes while the software takes account of wind, slope, temperature, humidity and even altitude when it comes to calculating distances. The net sum gain for golfers is they get extremely accurate information re yardages for each club.

With so many amateur golfers falling into the bravado trap – and coming up short with their irons – this AI technology means Arccos Caddie users will quickly learn what club to hit. The data, especially after you have been using the system for a while, doesn’t lie.

The link attaches to your belt and stores all your data before uploading it to your app at the end of the round.
Garmin is a company that doesn’t do this kind of technology by halves and its shot-tracking system is as impressive as you would expect.

The CT10 system follows the same pattern as its rivals with 14 sensors designed to fit snugly on the end of your clubs. It is then just a case of pairing each sensor with your Garmin S12, S42 or S62 golf watch or a Garmin app that you download to your phone.

After that the technology does the rest. The Garmin system automatically detects which club you are using and there is no need for manual tagging. It will also, before every shot, display your typical yardage with that club. The only thing you have to do is hit the PinCollect button when picking your ball from the hole to ensure the system marks the pin position correctly, although this can be edited after your round if you forget.

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SkyGolf was one of the first to create a shot-tracking system and the Gametracker GT2 has stood the test of time pretty well.

Like the Arccos Link, the SkyGolf system uses a device (the GT2) which you attach to your belt. It sits snuggly on your hip collecting that all-important data.

While out on the course the GT2 buzzes when it has detected the relevant club. You can either tap the sensor or hold it close to the GT2.

The package has cleverly incorporated a sensor into its pitch-mark repairer tool, which you tap in the relevant place to record where your ball has finished on the green.

Once your round is complete you just sync the GT2 with your SkyGolf app on the phone and you can enjoy assessing the data with a drink.
Price: $248.33
Game Golf’s Pro system builds on the success of its ‘Live’ concept. The main difference with the Pro is the recording of information is done automatically so no need to tap the ‘Medallion’ which attaches to your belt.

The Game Golf system is not cheap but the app also provides you with a decent digital lay-out so you can see how far away hazards are. The Medallion also acts as a GPS.

Game Golf claims to have created the most powerful screw-in sensors but I’m not sure about that and while the company says you can leave your phone at home – the Medallion collects the data – a phone is required to use the app while playing. A slightly confusing message.

Rrp: $99.00

Price: $94.00
Alternative Retailers
Golf Pad has come in at the bottom-end of the shot-tracking market and done a pretty decent job of mimicking what its more expensive rivals achieve.

With Golf Pad you get 15 sensors – a spare is never a bad idea – and all you need to do is download the app and make sure you have your phone on hand at all times during your round. It’s not that much of a phaff.

The system requires a quick tap of the ‘tags’ attached to each club when you get to your ball so distances can be recorded. Like all phone-based GPS systems, the issue of accuracy becomes more pertinent but it is always worth remembering you are paying less than £90 for the Golf Pad system.

A smaller consideration is Golf Pad has fewer golf courses mapped (34,000) than most of its rivals, who usually can boast more than 40,000.

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Other GPS devices that track golf shots

Some of the top-end GPS devices possess a more basic shot-tracking function. The critical difference with the specialists is they won’t know which club you have used. If you are diligent enough – or have a great memory – you can easily fill in those gaps after your round.

Rrp: $499.99

Price: $474.15
Alternative Retailers
DICK'S Sporting Goods
It’s the GPS watch that pretty much does everything and tracking shots is just one of the bewildering array of features this GPS golf watch possesses.

The Garmin Approach S62 also collects stats. Pair it with the Garmin Golf app to get strokes gained information and lots more. Like many of the golf tracking-specialists, it will then use this information to act as a caddie on your wrist, factoring in wind speed and direction to suggest a club based on the distance you typically hit with each of the clubs in your bag.

Even if you prefer to pick clubs for yourself, the Approach S62 makes that easier, offering adjusted distances to allow for uphill and downhill shots, and for wind speed and direction.

It might just be a GPS golf watch but it is so helpful it almost feels like cheating. And, in a way, it is, as some of those features wouldn’t be allowed in any normal golf competition. But you can turn them off and use the Garmin Approach S62 as a normal golf watch, which most amateur competitions will allow.

If you’ve carved a shot way off into the woods and don’t even know where the green is anymore, or if you’re just playing a blind approach shot, the Garmin S62’s ‘PinPointer’ will act like a compass to point you directly towards the hole. The ‘Hazard View’ lets you quickly scroll through each hazard and get a yardage to the front and back, helping you decide whether to lay up or take on the carry distance.

It is also a lot more than just a fantastic golf watch. It monitors your heart rate and can even estimate blood oxygen levels. It can receive emails and texts. And it can also be used for running, cycling and swimming, as well as golf. You can even use it to make contactless payments via Garmin Pay.

Of course for the full shot-tracking service, this device is easy to pair with Garmin’s CT10 shot-tracking system.
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The Garmin Approach S62’s little brother is almost £200 cheaper so, as you might expect, not quite as feature laden but it still does an impressive list of jobs.

Crucially the S42 automatically also records each shot so you can assess just how far each shot travelled after your round.

And in GPS mode, the battery will last a very healthy 15 hours and style wise, is as classy looking as you would expect from Garmin.

Of course for the full shot-tracking service, the S42 is easy to pair with the Garmin CT10.

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It is clear to see why this trolley is so popular. It is lightweight, easy to use, adjusts well to any height and boasts a fantastic built-in GPS feature which comes pre loaded with 40,000 courses. You could fill a lot of space if you listed all its features.

The attraction of this great piece of kit is the shot-tracking element is just one small part of what it can do. For those who love their electric trolleys and GPS measuring devices, this is almost the perfect combination.

Motocaddy was the first of the trolley powerhouses to fully integrate a GPS device and that element tops a list of clever innovations. One of those is an on-course AED indicator and includes CPR instructions should a playing partner suffer a cardiac arrest.

The GPS element will give you distances to the front, middle and back of the green and also track your distances and score.

It folds down neatly and you don’t have to take the battery out to charge it. It also comes with built-in wifi, a two-year warranty while the battery has a five-year warranty.

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Let’s be honest. You’re not buying this watch because it tracks your shots ‘to the nearest metre’. It’s designed for those with a passion for watches and golf and it is a stunning piece of kit.

The go-to sports watch company has produced a highly effective on-course operator as well as a classic-looking TAG watch away from the course. You get 40,000 courses in stunning detail plus accelerometer and gyroscope functions to record each shot.

The grade 2 titanium casing ensures considerable durability and the special ceramic golf bezel is just a great touch, in keeping with other special edition watches TAG has brought out.

Also includes a pedometer, heart rate monitor and a ‘Golf Edition Box’ containing three TAG Heuer golf balls, 4 TAG Heuer tees, divot tools, divot tool and spare strap for your watch.

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Ok this is a bit of a cheat but Bushnell’s clever little device possesses a ‘shot distance calculator’ (which is effectively shot tracking by a different name).

For less than £140 you get a lot of information. This is achieved because Bushnell have not worried about graphics or even look. The Phantom is all about information and that, in many respects, makes it easier to use.
It is compact and neatly clips to your bag or you can keep it in your pocket.

It does all the main jobs you would expect from a GPS device plus there are 38,000 courses preloaded so you shouldn’t have any problems in that respect.

It will automatically find your course and will also automatically advance to the next hole so is pretty low maintenance out on the course.

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