Which Lamkin grip is best for me?

Which Lamkin golf grip should I buy? Here’s our guide to the models in the brand’s line-up, and which type of golfer each suits.

Lamkin can trace their history all the way back to 1925. While the brand’s Crossline family have been a big hit with Tour players for decades, it’s Lamkin’s new Fingerprint tech and Genesis material, that have really put the brand on the map with premium manufacturers and club golfers today.

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Fingerprint technology and Genesis material run through Lamkin’s grip line-up. Thanks to bringing a cracking new feel to the game the pair have played a major role in convincing the biggest manufacturers to use Lamkin as stock grips on some of their most recent models. And thanks to the breakthrough more golfers than ever are choosing Lamkin grips.

But with 11 different grip types to choose from, all of which come in different sizes and models, how do you know which best suits you and your game? Let us explain.

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What is fingerprint technology?

Lamkin’s Fingerprint technology has a micro-texture on it’s surface and it’s designed to interact with the skin on a golfers hands. The idea is to create a really comfortable feel that promotes a lighter grip pressure whilst also giving high levels of surface traction.

In short we reckon the idea breeds confidence and when it comes to lowering your putting stats confidence matters.

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What is Genesis material?

Rubber grips have been around for decades but by coming up with their new hybrid compound material, Lamkin are in pole position in bringing golfers a brand new feel. Genesis is all about offering golfers a universally appealing feel whilst also delivering exceptional tackiness and grip comfort.

By using a blend of materials Lamkin say they create a slightly softer feeling grip that has a consistent tacky feel no matter what the conditions.


What is Calibrate?

One third of tour players don’t use round golf club grips. They prefer instead a raised section running down the back of the grip. This style of grip is often referred to as ‘ribbed’, and the idea is the raised section ensures you grip the club consistently in the same place, as it’s uncomfortable not too.

That’s not the only benefit though. As the ‘rib’ runs in line with the face you also get a better sense of clubface control, which some say gives the sensation of holding the clubface in the palm of your hands. Lamkin make three Calibrate models, see below.

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Calibrate models

Lamkin ST +2 Hybrid Calibrate grip

RRP: £15.98

Weight: Standard 54g, Midsize 58g


Lamkin ST grips have only been around for a couple of years, but they’re already a stock grip on Mizuno woods (the ST +2 Hybrid) this year. All +2 models have a little extra thickness under the lower hand (like adding two extra layers of tape beneath the grip) which Lamkin say gives a comfortable feel for the guiding hand.

We like the subtle cord that’s embedded in the upper section, it means the ST is a great all-weather option, as it’s capable of providing excellent tackiness and traction in any conditions. Anyone who’s not a fan of the reminder shaping that runs down the back of all Lamkin Calibrate grips should look at the standard ST +Hybrid instead.

Lamkin Sonar+ Tour Calibrate grip

RRP: £16.49

Weight: 53g


If like us you love how the Fingerprint pattern on the surface of Lamkin’s putter grips interacts with the skin then you’ll love the Sonar+ Tour, as it boasts of the same technology.

The Tour doesn’t have any cord incorporated into it’s body like the Hybrid above, but Lamkin say the rubber’s a fraction firmer, which makes it an excellent choice for above average swing speed players. The Calibrate reminder which runs down the back of the grip, ensures your hand placement is consistent.

Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate grip

RRP: £15.48

Weight: 53g


Leather grips went out of fashion decades ago but there’s still a decent sized band of golfers who love the feel of holding a wrapped grip. We understand why, as naturally the fingers sit nicely into the ridges between the wraps, so if you love a nostalgic feel the Sonar+ Wrap should be right up your street.

The Sonar+ Wrap comes with the same great feeling as Lamkin’s latest putter grips as there’s Fingerprint technology built-in, Lamkin also say there’s slightly less taper from the top of the grip to the bottom, which promotes a lighter grip pressure.

If you’re not a fan of the Calibrate reminder ridge, look at the Sonar+ Wrap instead.

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Round grip models

Lamkin ST +2 Hybrid grip

RRP: £15.98

Weight: Standard 53g, Midsize 57g


Lamkin hybrid models have two distinct sections that are designed to deliver extra traction and grip in the upper hand whilst maintaining a soft tactile feel in the lower.

This model is exactly the same as the ST +2 Hybrid Calibrate apart from it doesn’t have the reminder ridge running down the back of the grip. Only about a third of tour pro’s use reminder grips, so they’re not for everyone, if you prefer a traditional round grip then this is the model for you.

Having tested the ST on multiple occasions we love the soft but not spongy feel of the Hybrid’s lower section, it’s a great all-round option that isn’t going to let you down in the wet, or if your hands get clammy. The Hybrid is also available in a Midsize and 360 model, which is perfect for ensuring the grip’s never off centre or upside down when used with adjustable woods or hybrids.

Lamkin Sonar+ grip

RRP: £15.98

Weight: Standard 53g, Midsize 57g, Oversize 77g, Undersize 44g


A brilliant choice for golfers who love a tacky feel. The Sonar has a network of micro textures to heighten feel and traction, and there’s a reduced taper from the top to the bottom of the grip. Lamkin say it’s like having four layers of tape under the lower hand, and the idea promotes hand unity and eliminates excess grip pressure.

The Sonar gives Lamkin’s softest grip feel. It’s a little less effective than the corded models in the wet, and Lamkin say it’s typically works best for lower and average swing speed players. Available as a Standard, Midsize, Oversize and Undersize grip.

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Lamkin Sonar Tour grip

RRP: £17.99

Weight: 52g


Technologies in golf come and go but the micro-texture pattern Lamkin developed for the Sonar Tour has not only stuck it’s also led golfers to a new fresh grip feel. Lamkin say the design isn’t not only about feel though as the Sonar’s omni-directional pattern also offers excellent traction too.

The Tour has a classic taper from top to bottom so expect a very traditional size in the hands. Thanks to a firmer rubber you will get slightly more shot feedback.

Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap grip

RRP: £14.99

Weight: Standard 53g, Midsize 57g


So you want a great feeling wrap style grip that benefits from all of Lamkin’s micro-texture Fingerprint and softer Genesis rubber material technology, but you don’t often play in the rain? Well the Sonar+ Wrap will be right up your street.

Lamkin admit there’s better performing grips for wet weather, but when it comes to mixing  tackiness, feel and traction in a wrapped style grip you won’t find better. A reduced taper, thanks to a slightly larger lower hand size promotes a lighter grip pressure for consistency and control. Available as both a Standard and Midsize grip.

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Lamkin R.E.L Ace

RRP: £11.00 (available as Standard, Midsize and Oversize)


A very affordable excellent all-round grip choice for club golfers. The R.E.L Ace is made from synthetic rubber which has a slightly softer compound, so it’s usually more at home in the hands of moderate to just average  swing speed players.

We like how the grip reduces impact vibration without dulling shot feedback. A brilliant choice for golfers who put a premium on a softer feeling grip, and are less likley to need the benefits of pure traction at high very high club speeds. Available as a Standard, Midsize and Oversize grip.

Lamkin UTX grip

RRP £15.98 Standard (Midsize is £16.49)

Weight: Standard 52g, Midsize 63g


The UTX is a good few years old, and during its lifetime it’s been the stock grip on a number of leading brands clubs. Thanks to its full cord design you can expect a firmer feel and feedback with plenty of tackiness and traction, and because the cord is good at wicking moisture it’s also a very good wet or humid weather choice.

Lamkin say the UTX is best suited to higher swing speed players, it’s also the best value full cord grip on the market.

Lamkin Crossline grip

RRP from £7.99

Weight: Standard 48 – 50g, Midsize 62g, Oversize 76g, Undersize 43g


The Crossline needs absolutely no introduction, it’s been around for over a generation. Crossline has a good sized following on Tour and for plenty it’s been a benchmark grip for years. The Crossline’s firmer compound gives less torsional twisting at impact, which is part of the reason behind its success on Tour.

There’s a ton of different Crossline options from size choices to cord models, 360 designs that work on adjustable woods and even a 1” longer grip that’s designed for golfers who choke down on their wedges. And for those who like a softer feeling full cord grip, there’s also a brand new Genesis 360 Crossline model for 2021, which is made from the brands softer and tackier compound.


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