Best Thermal Golf Jackets 2024

A good quality thermal golf jacket or windbreaker is one of the most important pieces of kit to keep you warm when playing winter golf.

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Wearing your best jacket to keep warm, while still being able to freely swing the club can be an issue when you’re playing golf in very cold weather. Luckily, the technological advancements in this area have been substantial and there is a huge range of jackets out there to keep you warm throughout winter without having to wear 14 jumpers.

At TG we recognize this and understand golfers need outerwear that not only keeps them comfortably warm but also allows for unrestricted movement throughout their swing. Not overlooking the importance of a stylish design that seamlessly transitions from the golf course to everyday wear.

Our expert recommendations explore advanced insulation technologies, ergonomic designs, and fashionable elements, ensuring you find a thermal golf jacket that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

The best thermal golf jackets – our top picks:

Best for warmth: Ping Norse Primaloft | BUY NOW – UK BUY NOW – US

Best for movement: FootJoy Hybrid | BUY NOW – UK BUY NOW – US

Best for wind protection: Oscar Jacobson Hackney | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

Best for water resistance: Under Armour Storm Session | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

Whether you’re an avid golfer preparing for winter rounds or simply seeking a versatile cold-weather jacket, our guide is your go-to resource for selecting the perfect blend of warmth, flexibility, and style. Discover the ideal thermal golf jacket to elevate your performance and style on the fairways.

To really keep warm, you can pair your thermal golf jacket with one of the best golf base layers and one of the best golf mid-layers.

Best Thermal Golf Jackets

Powered by SensorWarm

Best for warmth
Ping consistently produce some of the best cold-weather golf gear, year after year, and the Ping Norse S5 jacket is no exception.

This fully insulated jacket is made with Thermo Plume fabric - which is 100% synthetic and 100% recycled - to mimic the lightweight warmth, loft, and softness you find in Down.

It features an incredibly lofty fabric on top for increased insulation efficiency while being 100% water-resistant, thanks to its special finishing process.

Excellent breathability keeps you aired in the harshest temperatures, and a permanent, water-resistant coating ensures performance even when wet.

This Norse Primaloft S5 Thermal Golf Wind Jacket features SensorWarm, which is Wind Resistant, Water Resistant, and Thermal. The thermal layers trap warm air and resist wind chill, keeping you warm with minimal weight. Small microfibers that capture more air result in better thermal performance and a softer feel, so you can feel the performance. 

The jacket is 86% polyamide and 14% elastane to offer good stretch levels to ensure you're able to swing freely.
The design and branding are understated so this can easily be worn off the golf course, too.


  • Breathable
  • Great at insulating


  • Felt long on the body
Sizes S – XXL
Colors Blue, Navy

It ticks all of the boxes

Best for movement
Price: £119.99 RRP
There is a lot of personal taste when it comes to clothing – that’s just the nature of the beast – and this really ticks all the boxes for me in terms of fit and look as well as comfort.

FootJoy are shoe specialists, but they are getting so much right with their golf jackets, and this thermal option just feels made to measure. Whether it’s the padded collar (but it’s not too bulky) or the cut of the arms, it just works. It will also keep you dry in light rain and from a price perspective won’t break the bank, especially when you could wear it away from the course as well.

It’s got a full-length zip for added practicality and the pockets are very accessible despite being well hidden.
Some serious thought has gone into this from Footjoy and it’s undoubtedly one of the best-padded golf jackets out there.


  • No restriction whatsoever
  • Comfortable
  • Super warm


  • Strange fit
Sizes S – 3XL
Colors Black, Navy, Charcoal, Red

The perfect all-rounder

Best for water resistance
If you're after one of the best all-round golf jackets you may have just stumbled across it! The Storm Session jacket from Under Armour is great for keeping you dry and warm in the winter months.

Thanks to UA Storm and a specific water-repellent treatment, the jacket repels water without sacrificing breathability. The loose-fitting design may hinder some of the heat retention but makes it ideal for layering up with one of the best golf mid-layers.

My favorite feature is the unique back design built to keep you swinging easy, the back bi-swing design is made up of a stretchy mesh underlay aimed to help optimize mobility on every swing.


  • Good at layering
  • Great in the rain (Not fully waterproof)
  • Mobile design


  • Loose fitting doesn't optimize heat control
Sizes S – XXL
Colors Black, Gray, Navy

Tackle the wind in style

Best for wind protection
One of the best-looking thermal jackets on the market, the Hackney is stylish, versatile, and most importantly practical.

This full-zip offering from Oscar Jacobson is not only water-repellant but is superb at protecting you from the wind. The zip is lined for extra water resistance and helps massively with protecting against that heavy coastal breeze.

The padded back and chest panels are lightweight and are not too overpowering, some would say it's just right. The fabric is breathable and great at regulating the body temperature, all while not restricting any swing moves you make.


  • Breathable
  • Water repellant
  • Lightweight


  • Narrow fitting
Sizes S – 3XL
Colors Black, Grey, Navy

Get a lot of jacket for your money

Best for padding
Price: £104.99 RRP
This is an excellent winter golf jacket option from Callaway and you get a lot for your money.

As it’s 100% nylon woven fabric and nylon/spandex knit fabric, it does feel different from some of its better-known rivals but we are splitting hairs really.

Callaway’s Swing-Tech paneling system provides all the room you will need to swing the club without added resistance and the adjustable hem provides extra comfort.

A really solid quilted golf jacket at a very good value.


  • Padded back and front
  • Great value for money
  • Subtle branding


  • Cuffs feel big
Sizes S – 3XL
Colors Black, Blue

Great for life on and away from the golf course

Best for inclement weather
This highly functional number from Galvin Green is perfect for golfers out there who want to look good on and off the course. The simple yet effective design of the Leonard makes it the perfect complement for any outfit.

Galvin Green's clever INTERFACE-1 technology gives this jacket all the properties a golfer wants to tackle inclement weather. The Leonard will help you tackle nearly every weather condition you may encounter., the fabric is water-repellent, windproof, breathable, and stretchy enough to allow you to layer up in the cold.

The jacket works well in the cold on its own too. The Thermore padded front and back provide superb coverage and will not leave you shivering on the first tee that's for sure. If you want a jacket to wear on a cool day with a polo or layer it up with a mid-layer for the frosty mornings this can do it all.


  • Great to wear casually
  • Superb wind protection
  • Well worth the money


  • Runs slightly big
Sizes S – 3XL
Colors Black, Navy, Grey

Bringing some class to the 1st tee

Best designer jacket
Ralph Lauren's Hybrid Mockneck Jacket brings the perfect blend of sophistication to the links. If it's time to add a bit of class to your golfing wardrobe then I've found the perfect jacket. Simple design and subtle branding mean you can partner this quality jacket with almost anything.

Thankfully, RLX haven't gotten lost in making a jacket that looks good enough to be on a runway but not good enough to work on the course. The ribbed front adds plenty of warmth and helps with wind protection and thanks to the wool and stretch fibers the jacket doesn't lose breathability and is rather comfortable.


  • Superb design
  • Stretchy
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive compared to competitors
Sizes XS – 3XL
Colors Navy, Grey, Green

Built to combat cold temperatures

Best for design
Unlike many of its competitors, Adidas has produced a thermal golf jacket that has paneling stretching the full length of the garment and it utilizes the well-known benefits of duck down and feathers (like the very best quilts) to combat cold temperatures.

Overall you have a substantial piece of kit that is actually a lot lighter than it looks. The protection is front and back so a great option when it’s really cold. It’s got marginally less than give than other outer layers but most golfers won’t notice that.

It also does a pretty good of keeping you dry in light rain so 95% of the time this will fulfill your winter golfing needs.


  • Padded from top to bottom
  • Great in the wet too


  • Hard to layer

Great at keeping the cold out

Best for versatility
This is a great value winter golf jacket, especially as Glenmuir’s Storm Bloc rain-repellent system means this is a very versatile bit of kit. Whether it’s high winds, cold, wet weather, or a combination of all three, this jacket works well.

Some might think it’s a bit tight around the cuffs and the waist but the snug fit is great for keeping out the cold.


  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Great at regulating heat


  • Need a size up
Sizes S – XXL
Colors Navy (Tartan and Camo), Black, Grey

Makes swinging easy

Best for insulation
Primaloft’s popular quilting is well used here for extra insulation on the front and back and the raglan sleeves feel really nice.

The low-profile collar makes it extra versatile if you’re wearing a few different layers for maximum warmth, and the jacket offers good freedom of movement.

The 100% nylon jacket is UV and water-resistant.


  • Great at keeping you warm and dry
  • Secure fit


  • Long on the body
Sizes S – XXL
Colors Black, Navy

Great for layering up

For those who want a gilet with plenty of oomph, this ProQuip offering has a lot to offer.

It’s pretty roomy and gives you plenty of options in terms of base and mid-layers. The inner pocket is just ideally located so you can slide in cards, ball markers, and tees with the minimum of fuss.

Even the collar feels nice and while there is a lot of protection, there is no sense of being weighed down.


  • Great fit
  • Super warm
  • Good wind protection


  • Collar is a little flimsy
Sizes S – XXL
Colors Black, Navy, Grey

Built to battle the winds of the Scottish highlands

Best for pockets
This famous golf brand was inspired to make this thermal golf jacket by the Scottish weather so it better be hardy and it certainly looks the part.

Protection-wise a lot is going on and it all comes together in a pretty stylish package. It might be a bit too Michelin Man-looking for some but it is very lightweight and still allows you to swing without feeling too restricted.

Given the padding, it really does need to be the outermost layer. It’s showerproof but you’ll want a proper waterproof jacket in heavy rain.


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Really warm


  • Not a generous fit
Sizes S – XXL
Colors 7 (Black, Navy, Grey)

Attack the cold with ease

Best mid weight jacket
The last thing you want a golf jacket to be is heavy and bulky, thankfully this is just the opposite. Designed to be a lighter mid-weight jacket the move tech is perfect at keeping you warm on the golf course without feeling substantial and restricting the golf swing.

Mizuno have hit the brief just right with this one, a super comfortable jacket that helps you attack the cold with ease this winter. The design may be a little plain for some but I believe most golfers out there will be happy with its subtle accents.


  • Warm fleece lining
  • Cuffed sleeves and base are great for regulating heat
  • Easy to swing in


  • The design is a little plain
Sizes S – 2XL
Colors Black, Grey, Navy

Embrace the cold with Abacus

Best for color choice
If you came here for quality then look no further. They may not be the most well-known brand in golf but Abacus Golf should certainly be on your radar.

Their Grove Hybrid Jacket feels superb and thanks to the front and back padding you feel confident that the jacket is going to work wonders on the course and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

Ideal for the cold windy days on the links, the padding provides a great level of warmth, keeping the heat in and the wind out. All while maintaining its breathable properties ensuring it doesn't become uncomfortable for you. With the modern styling find subtle branding it also makes for the perfect jacket away from the course.


  • Cuffed for extra warmth
  • Great padding front and back
  • Multiple colorways available


  • Felt long in the arm
Sizes S – 3XL
Colors Navy, White, Blue, Black, Grey

Buying Guide

How we test golf apparel at Today’s Golfer

Here at TG, we believe all golf equipment should be tested thoroughly and, in the case of apparel, in real-world situations, so that we can bring you in-depth guides to help you make better buying decisions. While we can’t put a golf jacket or trousers on a launch monitor and bring you the data as we would with clubs, we can wear it out on the course to check how it performs in situations all golfers will face.

We test how comfortable the product is, how easy it is to get on and off, whether it lives up to all of its promises, like warmth, breathability, and waterproofing, and whether it is durable.

We’ll also wear golf apparel, such as gilets and vests, away from the course to find out just how versatile they are and whether certain models offer better value for money than others.

Every product featured in our apparel guides has been chosen by Today’s Golfer. This is not an advertising feature, none of the brands have paid to feature and no manufacturer can buy their way into our tests and guides.

How to choose the best thermal golf jacket


This is arguably the most important feature to weigh in on, as keeping the wind and cold out is what keeps you warm. A good thermal jacket will use padding and lining to stop the wind from getting through the jacket and making your body cold. Often things such as fleece lining also are a huge help when protecting your body from the cold and put a stop to that unpleasant chill.


We’ve all been there when you prioritize the warmth over your ability to swing, with the masses of layers, some of us believe to be the answer to tackling the cold. Some jackets can be bulky and we know with modern golf that is not what we want. For that reason the models you can see above have all been selected with this in mind. Most of the best models now can stretch and help the body move freely thanks to the materials they use and the way the jackets now retain heat. As with most big golf purchases, we’d recommend going and trying some on making a few swings before you dip into your pockets.


As with most modern golf clothing, it’s becoming more and more appropriate to wear your clothes on and off the course. Thanks to the design and looks of golf jackets you now have to ask yourself, is this going to be something you want to wear to the course, then for a post-round drink, and back home again? We feel with many of the jackets above you can do just that and get great value for money.


This is a great feature and many jackets on this list offer a form of water resistance to protect against light mist and rain but when it comes to a sudden downpour and inclement weather you’d be better off looking at our guides to the best waterproof golf jackets.


You have to like the look of what you’re wearing! I know this sounds simple, but no longer do golf clothes come with simple looks and drab designs. There is something out there for every golfer it’s down to you to pick a color and style that suits you.

Thermal Golf Jackets: FAQs

Do golf jackets keep you warm?

A good quality thermal golf jacket or windbreaker is one of the most important pieces of kit to keep you warm when playing winter golf. Getting yourself a jacket to keep warm, while still being able to freely swing the club is essential as the last thing you want is to feel restricted when playing golf in very cold weather.

What is a golf hybrid jacket?

The hybrid golf jacket has become very popular in recent years and is now a staple on the golf course during the winter months. The rise in popularity comes from the jacket’s ability to offer stretch, comfort, style, and lightweight warmth. The stretch material around the arms matches up perfectly with the quilted chest panels to offer you protection against the wind and the ability to swing freely.

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