PowaKaddy FW5i Golf Trolley Review

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The PowaKaddy FW5i Golf Trolley

What we say: PowaKaddy’s FW5i Golf Trolley is the perfect option for those relying on added features, but at a mid- price point. The new FW5i sports a new full colour widescreen that hosts an Integrated USB charging port and Automatic Distance Function (pre-set distances of 15, 30 and 45 yards). There’s a new Digital Power Gauge and an Enhanced Battery Fuel Gauge. It’s powered by a whisper quiet 200 watt motor. 

The PowaKaddy FW5i Golf Trolley comes with two different batteries. £549.99 for 18 hole and £599.99 for 36 hole.

Key Features

Full Colour Widescreen (with Digital Power Gauge and Battery Fuel Indicator, and USB charging port)

Low Profile Sports Wheels & PowaFrame Chassis

Whisper Quiet 200w Powerful Motor

Plug ‘n’ Play™ Lithium Battery (5 Years Warranty)

Bungee straps with integrated soft touch anti-pinch handles help to secure your bag to the trolley

Soft touch ambidextrous grip with functional buttons which includes a ADF’ (Automatic Distance Function), this allows you to send your trolley to the next hole with pre-set distances of 15, 30 and 45 yards.

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