• Don’t let one bad shot ruin your round

    Thursday 8 May 2014

    It only takes a few bad shots or a couple of poor rounds and your confidence can take a real hit – whether it’s a particular type of shot like a chip off a tight lie, or your entire game. You start doubting your ability to successfully hit shots you used to take for granted and it can become a...

  • Find the edge with your wedge

    Wednesday 7 May 2014

    The problem: you need to get up-and-down for par from off the green. It’s a situation that club golfers face every game. The pressure we put on ourselves to make par often adds extra importance to these shots, which can lead to tension, clouded thinking and ultimately poor execution that leaves us a long way from the hole and needing...

  • How to hole out with confidence

    Monday 5 May 2014

    There’s nothing more frustrating than missing short putts from inside four feet that you expect to make. It can destroy your scores and enjoyment of the game – and the doubt often spreads from poor holing out and manifests itself in greater pressure and poorer performance in other areas of your game. On the flip side, if you can happily...

  • Don’t let anger ruin your round

    Saturday 3 May 2014

    The first question to ask is what makes you angry? Is it just hitting a bad shot or is it what the bad shot makes you feel about yourself? We all hit bad shots and we all react differently to those bad shots, but it is how we deal with that reaction that determines how we continue to play afterwards.

  • Focus your practice to improve

    Wednesday 30 April 2014

    We meet many golfers walking off the 18th green who are bewildered by their performance on the course and the big scores on their card. They explain that they spend hour after hour hitting balls on the range, but don’t see their scores fall. After a few brief questions, we usually uncover a logical explanation for the common complaint. First, the...

  • How to conquer 1st tee nerves

    Monday 28 April 2014

    The first shot of the golf round is usually the most stressful, and this often results in a poor effort that immediately puts you in a tricky position and undermines your confidence. It’s natural to feel nervous on the 1st tee because the outcome of the shot is important to you, you are unsure about the outcome and there is...

  • How to save 5 shots

    Monday 17 March 2014

    Boffins in white coats love a good golf study – and over the years they’ve discovered all sorts of strange things that could help your game. Read our top tips to save you five shots. 1 Picture a positive outcome over putts… Next time you’re faced with a tricky putt, close your eyes and imagine the ball going into the hole. Why...

  • Pure your woods

    Written by Lee Scarbrow on Monday 3 March 2014

    Try this drill to encourage a more penetrating ball flight. HEEL STARTS THE PROBLEM Lifting your left heel during the backswing prevents you making a powerful return over a stable base. This leads to a breakdown in your spine and shoulder angles in the downswing and through impact. SPINE ANGLE NOW SUFFERS As a result of this initial fault, your spine will be thrown...