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The Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 golf drivers are a further push to get more tour pros playing Srixon drivers, a strategy which has already seen major success with Shane Lowry’s 2019 Open Championship victory. 

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Two years ago Srixon revealed their new Z785 drivers, with Srixon’s European CEO Leslie Hepworth making it clear that their efforts were being refocused on getting Srixon drivers played on tour in 2019 and beyond.

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Incredibly at the time the brand reckoned they forked out $55 million a year on tour yet not a single tour player choose a Srixon driver for tournament play.

Over the last two years, whilst Srixon might not quite have reached their initial goal of having 20 tour pros playing Srixon drivers, they have taken significant steps towards being taken seriously in the driver category amongst decent players, just as the brand wanted.

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The biggest win saw Irishman Shane Lowry cruising to victory in 2019’s Open Championship at Royal Portrush with a Srixon Z585 driver in the bag. Lowry had a full bag of Srixon gear, with a Srixon utility iron, Srixon irons, and a Srixon Z-Star XV ball, plus the company’s Cleveland wedges in the bag too. But Lowry hasn’t been the only winner for Srixon.

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Graeme McDowell won in February 2020 with the Z785 driver, and Keegan Bradley’s had the Z785 in play this year as well.

Now, with the Srixon Z range being two years old, Srixon are pulling the covers from a brand new generation of ZX5 and ZX7 woods, and they’re expecting even bigger things from the new models and their elite tour staff.

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Srixon ZX5 Driver

Srixon ZX5 Driver

The ZX5 has a larger, flatter shape and single sole weight positioned low and deep in the head to raise MOI and forgiveness. Golfers can expect a confidence inspiring sound and look at address, along with a forgiving launch and ball flight.

Srixon say the ZX5 launches high and carries far and because of it’s weight set up is more suited to golfers who like to see a straighter ball flight.

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Srixon ZX7 Driver

Srixon ZX7 Driver

The ZX7 thanks to a rounder, more pear shaped head (the ZX5 is more triangular), flatter crown and higher skirt gives a lower more penetrating ball flight.

Two swappable sole weights and an adjustable hosel give shot shape adjustability, allowing golfers to dial in their preferred shot shape.

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Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 drivers: Key features

Rebound Frame

Each ZX driver, fairway and hybrid comes with a new rebound frame. Srixon say it provides a more efficient transfer of energy. It’s not just a new face though, it’s a whole new construction method. Two zones (the driver face and body surrounding it) are specifically optimised to deform at impact and snap back, which Srixon say gives a more efficient transfer of energy than other driver designs.

Srixon ZX Driver

Carbon crown    

Both Srixon ZX drivers come with bigger and better carbon crowns. Srixon say the driver crown is 15% larger than previous models, which means more mass low can positioned low and deep and around the heads perimeter, which nudges MOI and forgiveness up. 

Tour head shapes

Srixon consulted their tour pro’s directly on the shaping of the ZX drivers, and they say the flatter and shallower models are not only straighter but they also inspire confidence for highly skilled players. 

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What Srixon say about the ZX5 and ZX7 drivers 

“Rebound Frame represents the best energy transfer system we’ve ever designed into a driver,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “From the centre of the face to the very rear of the club, we’ve tuned the club-head stiffness to put more energy into the ball than ever before.

The entire driver head works in harmony to provide an unprecedented rebound effect, giving you more maximum ball speed for more distance.”

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Product Information

Srixon ZX7 Driver

RRP: £449

Lofts: 9.5° / 10.5°

Stock shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60

Adjustable hosel: Yes (+/- 1° of loft)

Srixon ZX5 Driver

RRP: £429

Lofts: 9.5° / 10.5°

Stock shaft: Project X Evenflow Riptide 50

Adjustable hosel: Yes (+/- 1° of loft)

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