TaylorMade R15 driver Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • Pros

    Offers more distance and lower spin than the SLDR with easier alignment.

  • Cons

    Can’t adjust loft with a weight in draw.

  • RRP £369.00

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TaylorMade has been pretty good at making golf drivers for the last 15 years. Now the latest model combines the best bits of all those that have gone before. The headline tech in the all-new R15 driver is a track behind the face that features two 12.5g sliding weights. This 25g of mass can be moved to a variety of positions in the 460cc head, changing the combinations of distance, forgiveness and draw/fade bias. The “Front Track System” itself, totalling 40g of mass, is 12mm closer to the clubface than it was in SLDR, which moves the centre of gravity lower and even further forwards, to increase the launch and decrease the spin when you “loft up”.

The Track also acts as a Speed Pocket, which is said to expand the size of the sweetspot lower on the face and help reduce spin further. Other key features include improved Inverted Cone Technology to raise forgiveness on mishits, a 12-position loft sleeve that now offers four degrees (2° up or down) of adjustability and the return of a matte white crown (black is also available).

Watch our first hit video of the R15 driver above.

Features a new Front Track positioned 12mm closer to the face than SLDR that houses two, 12.5g sliding weights that alter MOI and shot shape. The track also acts as a Speed Pocket to assist shots struck low down on the face.

White returns in a cleaner version than the R1. The contrast between the crown and face makes the angle stand out clearly – you can see how the face closes when you add loft more than most other adjustable drivers.

Very light in the head, which is surprising given how much technology is in there. Many, like me, will swing it faster as a result. Pleasing sound, not too loud or high pitched.

Performance on mishits was impressive, even with the sliding weights in the middle of the track. Forgiveness is even higher with the weights split, creating a more stable flight and also more carry distance but also more spin so less roll.

R15 encompasses the best technologies from 15 years of innovation so it’s no wonder the R15 tops the lot. While it’s unlikely you’ll achieve maximum distance or accuracy (whichever you’re after) off the rack, once you have a fitting or play around with the lofts and the two sliding weights you’ll eventually find a setting that won’t be beaten. The stock stiff shaft seemed to perform better than stock Speeder 57 stiff in my SLDR, offering more stability and a stronger flight.

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TG Tester Reviews:

James Ridyard, Professional:
I got a really stable flight even with the weights together, which is the lowest MOI setting. It looks a little more lofted than it is, but distance-wise it won’t be beaten, offering a high launch with low spin. Through correct loft adjustment I lowered my spin by nearly 1000rpm and gained considerable yardage. I marginally prefer the black head, but the white looks good too, similar to the R11 which I really liked.

Joel Tadman, Equipment Editor:
The white crown combined with the black face means its angle is very prominent. When I added loft, the face angle closes and you notice this more than others, so I opted for a higher-lofted head and delofted it via the hosel. The feel is superb, firm yet springy, with a strong thud at impact, and I got the most distance with the weights split, an arrangement which also carried additional forgiveness benefits.

Product Information

Left Handed available Yes
Custom-Fit available Yes
Adjustability Yes
Grip Type Lamkin UTX
Head Size 460cc
Lofts 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°, 14°
Shafts Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution

Your Reviews

Taylormade Drivers User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 TG Tester Review

    By Robin Hopkins

    Adjusting the hosel and sole weights helped achieve significant improvement in launch and spin as well as shot shape.

  • 5 out of 5 TG Tester Review

    By Joel Cunningham

    This was really easy to get on with. I like the no-nonsense white head and there’s lots to tweak to get the best ball flight in small increments. It’s easy to dial in a high-launch, low-spin trajectory.