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Ping G Fairway Review: Tech

Ping have redesigned the leading edge of the Ping G fairway woods to get more face under the ball at impact making it easier to get shots airborne.

There is also a Carpenter 455 Steel on the Ping G fairway wood face to increase ball speeds, and a special treatment increases friction to lower spin. In addition, crown Turbulators have been added to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Ping G Fairway: Video Review

Ping G Fairway Wood Review: Our verdict

All three testers agreed that the Ping G Fairway has got a really good profile when it sits behind the ball on the fairway. The shape gets a lot of face below the ball’s centre and the shallow profile and mid-size head really help inspire confidence, without being too big to put off more confident golfers.

Performance-wise, as with the rest of Ping’s G range, the Ping G fairway is really solid. Not the longest but with just 3.9 mph ball speed drop-off between nailed shots and miss-hits its really stable and will deliver a very consistent performance on the golf course.  

Ping G Fairway Wood

Ping G Fairway Wood Review: Bottom line

In our book fairway woods need to be really versatile clubs. You primarily need to launch them off the fairway but you’ll also need to fall back on them for tight tee shots, and we reckon the Ping G fairway can do a very solid job from both situations.

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2016 Ping G Fairway Review


Product Information

Lofts: 3W/14.5deg, 5W/17.5deg, 7W/20.5deg plus 13deg Stretch model

Stock shaft: Alta 65 High Balance Point

Adjustable hosel: Yes

How much loft change: +/- 1deg

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