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Callaway have introduced the X Forged irons – a forged cavity back iron that has already proved very popular with tour players

Compared to the Apex MB, X Forged is more forgiving with a slightly longer blade and slightly larger head size, to instil confidence in both Tour players and accomplished amateurs.

Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed and Branden Grace have all been fans of the previous Callaway X Forged irons model, so it’s possible they’ve played a role in this new design. Callaway says this style of forged cavity is very popular with tour players, as it offers a sprinkling of forgiveness missing from the new Apex Muscleback.

Callawasy X Forged iron

Its sole sculpting, progressive centre of gravity locations and precision grooves have been set up to optimise shot making, turf interaction and accuracy. And the super-clean and classic look at address will appeal to many.

The truth about strong lofted irons

With a clean and classic look at address, the new X Forged Irons are engineered for high performance and exceptional feel from a precise Triple Net Forging process.

This single piece, cavity back iron features Tour configured soles, CG progression for precision shot-making and accuracy, with just the right amount of forgiveness and a classic finish.

X Forged also features a similar precise and aggressive ’20V’ shaped groove pattern seen in the Apex MB, made possible through the forging process, promoting high levels of control and spin out of any playing conditions, whilst retaining the clean and classic look at address, inspired by some of Callaway’s most popular forged irons.

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Callaway X-Forged irons

Callaway X-Forged Irons Review: You need to know

Designed with extensive input from Callaway’s tour staff, the X Forged incorporate a small cavity back for an extra degree of playability over Callaway’s Apex MBs. Tour configured soles improve turf interaction, and clean smooth lines give an appealing look at address. 20V grooves maximise spin consistency for controlled shot-making.    

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Which Callaway iron suits me?

Callaway X-Forged Irons Review: We say

If there were awards for looks alone the X-Forged would surely win hands down, it’s a stunningly well shaped iron and the classic finish is out of this world. Decent golfers will love the straight and square leading edge, which our test pro reckoned would be great for alignment and help with shot-shaping.

With absolutely no fast face tech and a seven iron loft 2.5 deg weaker than the strongest on test, the Forged was never going to compete on numbers, but then it was never designed to. Rather their strength lies in tugging at heart strings, golfers who play them will do so because they’re forged, because they feel and look great not because they promise improvements in speed, launch or carry distance.   

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Callaway X-Forged Irons Review: Verdict

This is the furthest you need to go down the Callaway iron range, leave the Apex MB alone unless you’re name is Sergio Garcia. Much like a super-model you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll look the business in your bag but they’re likely to be a devil to live with, that is unless your ball-striking ability’s equivalent to a very low single figure ability or better. 

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Callaway X-Forged Irons: Key Features

Exceptional Feel and Control
Extremely precise triple net forging for exceptional feel and high performance. The
Tour configured soles are designed for excellent turf interaction from a variety of

Precision Grooves and CG Progression
The 20V grooves are built in to promote a high level of control and excellent spin
out of any playing conditions. They also reduce fliers from the rough, and the CG
locations are optimized for even more control.

Classic Shaping
Clean and classic, with a smooth, appealing look at address, inspired by some of our
most popular forged irons.

Product Information

Iron forgiveness rating

RRP: £1049

Availability: 3 - PW

Stock shaft: Project X (s)

Seven iron loft and length: 33deg / 37”


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