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The new Cobra King Tour Irons use the Metal Injected Molding (MIM) technology found in the brand’s wedges to create a soft-feeling, precisely-shaped players’ irons that deliver unmatched consistency through the set.

Cobra say they have created an iron that is “softer than any of the forged offerings on the market” by using their MIM technology in the new King Tour irons.

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After two years of using the tech to create softer, more precise heads in their King MIM wedges, Cobra Golf have launched the King Tour irons with MIM Technology, a process which they claim creates unmatched consistency throughout the set.

The new players’ irons combine a tour cavity back with precise shaping and the incredibly soft feel that better players desire. This is the first time Cobra have applied the Metal Injected Molding technology to a full set of irons and they say it has reinvented the way premium irons are designed and manufactured.

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Cobra King Tour Irons with MIM Technology.

What is Molten Injection Moulding (MIM) Technology?

Each iron head is created using a mixture of 304 stainless steel metal powder, which is then heated and injected into a mould.

During the sintering process, the metal is heated to a higher temperature than forgings (1340°C vs. 1200°C), resulting in a tighter-aligned grain structure that delivers the highest level of precision and soft feel, rivalling that of carbon steel forgings.

The final step is hand-polishing to deliver the perfect satin finish. While many forgings require moderate polishing to remove excess materials, MIM technology requires only subtle polishing to ensure the shape is consistent from set to set.

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What other tech is found in the Cobra King Tour Irons?

A tungsten weight in the toe helps to position the centre of gravity behind the hitting zone to aid forgiveness and stability at impact to help keep the ball on target.

There’s also a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) insert behind the hitting zone to help dampen vibrations and create that soft, buttery feel you expect from a players’ iron at impact.

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Cobra King Tour Irons with MIM Technology.

Each iron also benefits from Cobra Connect technology. Powered by Arccos, smart grips on each iron can be synced with the Arccos Caddie app, allowing you to track your shot data and rapidly improve your game.

Each set of irons includes a 90-day free trial of the Arccos Caddie app.

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Cobra King Tour Irons with MIM Technology.

What lofts are available for the Cobra King Tour Irons?

The irons are available in a 4-PW set in right hand only. A 3-iron and gap wedge are available via a custom-fitting order.

With the irons being aimed at better players, the lofts aren’t overly strong. The the 3-iron is 20º, 4-iron 23º, 5-iron 26º, 6-iron 29º, 7-iron 33º, 8-iron 37º, 9-iron 41º, pitching wedge 45º and gap wedge 50º.

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Cobra King Tour Irons with MIM Technology.

What are the Cobra King Tour Irons shaft and grip options?

The irons come with stiff or regular flex steel KBS $-Taper 120 shafts as standard, along with a black Cobra Lamkin Crossline Connect grip. Upgraded shafts and grips are available through custom-fitting.

Verdict: Cobra King Tour Iron

What Cobra have created in the Tour is a great looking soft feeling players’ iron. The new MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) technology story behind how it’s made and why the construction method is better and more consistent will be lost on many, but it surely won’t be long before more irons are produced this way.

We didn’t tell our test pro, until the test session was over, that the Tour heads weren’t forged, he was shocked and felt he’d never have spotted. It means what Cobra say about heating material up so it’s hotter than a forged iron, which then aligns the grain structure more closely, certainly stands up.

Cobra King Tour Iron

We love the heads straight lines, compact size and really simple and elegant overall look. The set flow beautifully, and really good players will love how there appears to be tiny amounts of offset in the short irons.

With so many golfers trying to decide between TaylorMade’s P770 and the Mizuno JPX921 Forged irons this year we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t say these should also be on any short list that contains those two models.  

Some will say the chrome finish is very bright and shiny, but some players also love that super traditional look, and obviously overtime it will wear. Cobra haven’t made a full forged players’ iron for a while, trust us this one has been well worth waiting for.   

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How the Cobra King Tour compare to TaylorMade’s P770 and the Mizuno JPX921 Forged 

Cobra King Tour Iron

What Cobra Golf say about the King Tour Irons with MIM Technology

“We’ve used our MIM process over the past two years to deliver softer and more precisely-shaped designs in our wedges,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for Cobra.

“Now, in response to demand from better players and our Tour staffers, seeking the same benefits in a full set of irons, our R&D team delivered the King Tour Irons.

“These irons are softer than any forged offerings on the market, and like their wedge counterparts, offer better consistency in shaping for more precision shot-making on the course.

“While soft feel and consistency are important in the short-game, optimizing these attributes throughout an entire iron set will give golfers better performance across a wider range of shot selections.”

Cobra King Tour Iron Specs

Cobra King Tour Iron

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Product Information

Cobra King Tour Irons with MIM Technology


Stock irons set: 4-PW (3-iron and GW available via custom-fitting order).

Iron lofts: 3 (20º), 4 (23º), 5 (26º), 6 (29º), 7 (33º), 8 (37º), 9 (41º), PW (45º), GW (50º)

Stock shaft: Stiff or regular flex steel KBS $-Taper 120. Upgraded shafts available through custom-fitting order.

Stock grip: Black Cobra Lamkin Crossline Connect grip. Upgraded grips available through custom-fitting order.

Cobra Connect powered by Arccos: Yes

Fitting available: Yes

Release date: October 30


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