Cobra King LTDx Iron Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros
    • Excellent value for money, in the current climate.
    • Our longest Mid-Handicap Iron of 2022.
    • There's a One-Length model available.
  • Cons
    • The very strong lofts will be difficult to flight for average speed players.
    • There are better sounding Mid-Handicap Irons on the market.
    • No Arccos shot tracking tech in the grip (like previous models).
  • RRP £799.00

What we say...

Cobra King LTDx irons are better feeling, better sounding and more precise thanks to real-world golfer’s feedback.

Cobra like to see themselves as innovators like no other, taking risks while other brands play it safe.

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The Cobra Golf King LTDx irons.

In the last five years Cobra have brought golf the first one length iron, the first CNC Milled driver face, the first smart set of smart irons (by including Arccos shot tracking sensors as standard) and the game’s very first zero CG driver (the King LTD – which is still played by Bryson DeChambeau on tour).

But after all that head scratching, innovation and new ideas, Cobra decided that for 2022 they’d put the ball in the golfer’s court and ask real-world players what they want from the brand’s new clubs.

Cobra's new LTDx iron.

Unsurprisingly, the top three consumer desires from Cobra drivers were more distance, more accuracy and better forgiveness. You can find out if the new LTDx metalwoods delivered on those desires, here.

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But when it came to irons, golfers told Cobra they wanted better accuracy (30%) and more feel (24%). With that message ringing in their ears Cobra’s R&D team set about developing the beter feeling, better sounding and more precise King LTDx irons. Here’s everything you need to know.

Cobra's new LTDx iron.

Cobra King LTDx Irons

RRP £799 (Men’s); £769 (Women) | On Sale February 11, 2022
Availability 4–PW, GW, SW (Men’s); 6-PW, SW (Women’s) | Stock Set 5–GW or 4–PW (Men’s); 6-PW (Women’s) | 7-Iron Loft 26.5° | Lengths Standard; One Length | Stock Shaft KBS Tour 90 (S); KBS PGI (G) | Stock Grip Lamkin Crossline 58R+ (Men’s); Lamkin Crossline Undersize (60R) | Forgiveness Rating 3.5 (Mid-Handicap Iron)

The new King LTDx iron has mass removed from inefficient areas, which improves MOI forgiveness and allows Cobra to create a new steel core bar that floats (in polymer) low and deep in the head.

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As there’s no attachment to the face, sole or body this new steel core structure lowers the centre of gravity and places it inline with the centre of face, which improves accuracy and feel. Thanks to having more mass behind the impact zone golfers can also expect more club head flex (Cobra say you get 5% more flex than the previous RadSpeed) which translates to additional ball speed too.

Cobra's new LTDx iron.

Any regular Today’s Golfer reader will know that Cobra’s irons haven’t quite hit our sweetspot in testing over the last few years, feeling less solid than some competitor models. But with consumers listing feel as the second most important thing they look for when buying new irons (even in the mid-handicap category) Cobra have poured a ton of focus into improving how the LTDx sounds and feels in 2022.

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By encasing the new steel core bar within a soft polymer, Cobra R&D chief Tom Olsavsky and his team have naturally dampened impact vibration and improved sound and feel in the process.

Cobra aren’t going quite so far as saying golfers can expect the sound or feel of a forged iron, but golfers can certainly expect enhanced feedback over what they’d typically expect from a mid-handicap iron model.

Cobra's new LTDx iron.

In more good news for mid-handicappers, LTDx’s long irons are impressivly forgiving. Cobra have worked out a way to make the hot area of the thin fast faces in the 4–7 irons 23% larger. It means shots launch a little higher but the loss of ball speed and carry distance on off-centre hits is minimal.

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If you’re a Cobra iron fan but have found the carbon fibre insert on the topline of the previous RadSpeed and Speedzone irons distracting, you’ll be pleased to hear the LTDx has not only got a sleeker top edge it’s also a completely carbon fibre free zone too.

Cobra's new LTDx iron.

The presence of Arccos shot-tracking sensors in Cobra clubs has been a big attraction for many since their introduction in the F8 range but, thanks to Covid creating a global shortage of electronic chips, they won’t come as standard in any of the Cobra LTDx equipment for 2022. However, they can be requested as a custom upgrade on any fitted sets and we’d always recommend you get fitted when buying new clubs.

There’s better news if you’re a fan of Cobra’s Bryson DeChambeau-inspired One Length clubs. While the idea of all of your irons being 7-iron length hasn’t proved quite as big a hit in the UK as in America, Cobra will offer the LTDx irons in One Length.


Verdict: Cobra King LTDx iron

The King LTDx was the longest Mid-Handicap iron we tested in 2022 so we’d love to come out all guns blazing like a top vlogger and declare this is the Mid-Handicap iron to beat this year. But instead think very seriously before taking our test pro’s data (below) as being representative of what will happen with the LTDx in your hands.

With a 7-iron loft of 26.5deg, take our word for it, you will need speed to launch this model successfully from the turf, especially if you have plans of stopping shots on a green. If you have plenty of speed then please go ahead, fill your boots the LTDx iron is our fastest and longest Mid Handicap iron of 2022, the only iron to outgun it, across our five iron categories, was Wilson’s D9 in the High Handicap iron category.

Recent Cobra irons have sported quite long blade lengths (to up forgiveness) and a pretty aggressively curved leading edge, which haven’t quite hit the TG sweetspot for a couple of years. So, we’re delighted to say the LTDx, at least cosmetically looks to be a fraction more compact and a little less curved.

Absolutely a set that must be hit before buying, just to make sure you can flight shots properly from the super strong lofts.

How does the Cobra King LTDx compare to other Mid-Handicap irons in data?


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Product Information

Cobra King LTDx Irons

RRP £799 (Men's); £769 (Women)

Launched February 11, 2022

Availability 4–PW, GW, SW (Men's); 6-PW, SW (Women's)

Stock Set 5–GW or 4–PW (Men's); 6-PW (Women's)

7-Iron Loft 26.5°

Lengths Standard; One Length

Stock Shaft KBS Tour 90 (S); KBS PGI (G)

Stock Grip Lamkin Crossline 58R+ (Men's); Lamkin Crossline Undersize (60R)

Forgiveness Rating 3.5 (Mid-Handicap Iron)

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