Best Muscleback on the market? PXG 0317 ST Blade Iron Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros
    • A beautiful traditional blade profile.
    • Can be weighted up or down without changing the CG location.
    • Even decent ball strikers will appreciate the cavity back long irons.
  • Cons
    • Unforgiving on off-centre hits, so they're for high skill ball strikers only.
  • RRP £209.00

What we say...

The PXG 0317 ST Blade iron offers ultimate shot-shaping and control to the game’s best ball strikers.

Having a US Marines call sign for its name says everything you need to know about PXG’s elite player 0317 ST blade, which emerged as one of the best golf irons in our huge head-to-head test.

That’s the designation of a “Scout Sniper”, a Marine who’s highly skilled in marksmanship and who can deliver precision long-range fire onto a selected target. In golf terms, it means this beautiful new muscle-back blade is aimed at skilled golfers who dine out on shaping shots towards the flagstick. For golfers good enough to use it, the PXG 0317 ST is one of the best blade golf clubs out there.   

According to PXG, what sets the new 0317 ST blade apart is the forged then CNC-milled construction and robot polishing, which eliminates the inconsistencies traditionally associated with hand-finishing irons and wedges. PXG’s weight tech – which lets golfers try lighter and heavier swingweights and/or longer or shorter shaft lengths without changing the center of gravity location (which just isn’t an option with the competition) – is also a huge benefit at this end of the market.

Cloe in on the back of the PXG 0317 ST Blade iron

With a smaller solid body construction (so there’s no face flex which lowers spin) the 0317 ST creates higher spin numbers, which is good for shot-making and increases control for those who possess it. Mishits, however, will be more severely punished. PXG says the grooves of each head are CNC milled to within a whisker of the rules, and thanks to milling the face and back of the head tolerances are incredibly tight for this one-piece forged design. 

As none of the PXG tour staff use blade long irons the 0317 ST naturally transitions into a slightly larger cavity back 3 and 4 iron. The idea offers a degree of forgiveness in the more difficult-to-hit long irons. 

Details: PXG 0317 ST blade

RRP: £209 per club

Stock shafts: True Temper Elevate 95 (s), KBS Tour Lite (s), Mitsubishi MMT (g), Project X Cypher (g), UST Recoil Dart (g)

7-iron loft: 33°

Category / Forgiveness rating: Muscle-back Blade – 1/5

The PXG 0317 ST Blade iron

Verdict: PXG 0317 ST Blade

If you seriously have the game to play clubs designed for the world’s best ball strikers then it’s highly likely you’ll have a brand preference and direction in mind that you want to follow within the category. If, however, you step back and look only at what benefits each blade brings to the table, rather than going all gooey over heritage and feel and being led by ego, PXG’s latest 0317 ST stands very much out among the crowd.

PXG knows a thing or two about making great irons. As is their calling card throughout their iron family the 317s have delicious straight-line head shapes, throughout the set and a very premium satin finish. Our test pro loved the feel and feedback and it’s no exaggeration when I say he hit them incredibly well.

The PXG 0317 ST Blade iron with a Best of 2024 Today's Golfer badge

Speed and distance should never be factors when buying in the blade category but surely the 0317 has to score points for producing above-test average levels of ball speed and ranking tied 2nd longest for carry distance. The model also registered a shot area 26% smaller than our test average. Now don’t get me wrong I’m absolutely not saying this is a forgiving blade, it isn’t, but our data does support the reputation PXG has built for making slightly straighter irons than most. 

If I were spending my own money though the real deal sealer is PXG’s very clever central weighting system. Golfers can go lighter or heavier (which can boost ball speed, distance, and consistency), longer or shorter without moving the center of gravity location and thus altering feel. To me, it’s a genius idea, and brilliant if you want to optimize a set for your own game in 2024.

Data comparison: How does the PXG 0317 ST compare to leading competitor muscleback blades?

Iron7-Iron LoftBall SpeedLaunch AngleBackspinPeak HeightDescent AngleCarry Distance Carry Distance Drop OffShot Area
Ping Blueprint T33°120.7 MPH (1)16.6°5630 RPM30 YDS44.1°178 YDS (1)8 YDS (T3)98.4 SQ YDS (3)
PXG 0317 ST33°118.9 MPH15.4°5619 RPM27 YDS42°174 YDS (T2)9 YDS184.5 SQ YDS
Wilson Staff Model Blade34°118.7 MPH16.9°5661 RPM30 YDS43.9°174 YDS (T2)14 YDS312.2 SQ YDS
Sub 70 639 MB32°119.3 MPH (3)14.8°5844 RPM26 YDS41.6°174 YDS (T2)9 YDS235.8 SQ YDS
Cobra King MB34°118.9 MPH17.1°6225 RPM31 YDS45°172 YDS8 YDS (T3)224 SQ YDS
Mizuno Pro 24134°117.3 MPH17.6°5547 RPM30 YDS44.3°171 YDS11 YDS218.9 SQ YDS
Vega VMB31°119.5 MPH (2)15.3°6177 RPM28 YDS43.4°171 YDS5 YDS (1)50.5 SQ YDS (1)
TaylorMade P7MB34°118.5 MPH16.2°6490 RPM29 YDS44.1°170 YDS12 YDS235.2 SQ YDS
Callaway Apex 24 MB34°115.9 MPH17°6029 RPM29 YDS43.8°167 YDS18 YDS433.8 SQ YDS
Srixon Z-Forged33°116.7 MPH16.5°6123 RPM28 YDS43.6°167 YDS21 YDS588 SQ YDS
Titleist 620 MB35°115.6 MPH17.5°6362 RPM29 YDS44.7°165 YDS13 YDS318.5 SQ YDS
Takomo 301 MB34°115.9 MPH16.7°6637 RPM29 YDS44.7°163 YDS7 YDS (2)90.3 SQ YDS (2)
Average118 MPH16.5°6028.7 RPM28.8 YDS43.8°170.5 YDS11.25 YDS249.2 SQ YDS

Where does the PXG 0317 ST blade fit in the PXG iron family?

PXG 0317 ST Blade iron

RRP: £209 per club

7-iron loft: 33°

Category/Forgiveness rating: Muscle-back blade – 1/5

Back, sole and address images of the PXG 0317 ST Blade iron

The ST is forged three times from a single piece of soft 8620 carbon steel. Experience says no matter how good the model looks it should only find its way into the hands of seriously good ball strikers, and those who “work“ the ball round the course. The PXG 0317 ST is among the best blade golf clubs on the market.

PXG 0311 GEN5 T iron

RRP: £249 per club

7-iron loft: 32°

Category/Forgiveness rating: Players’ iron – 2/5

The PXG 0311 GEN5 T iron back and at address

Golfers used to argue players’ irons couldn’t have hollow bodies, fast faces, or stronger lofts. PXG turned that sort of thinking on its head. The T stands for Tour, so expect this compact profile iron to be most at home in the hands of decent players. 

PXG 0311 GEN5 P iron

RRP: £249 per club

7-iron loft: 30°

Category/Forgiveness rating: Players distance Iron – 2.5/5

The PXG 0311 GEN5 P iron back and at address

A fast, long, and forgiving model within the players’ distance iron category. Our data has shown time and again how PXG irons are accurate, and often hit shots with less shape/curve, which for most club golfers is a seriously good proposition. 

PXG 0211 XCOR2 iron

RRP: £100 per club

7-iron loft: 28°

Category/Forgiveness rating: Mid-Handicap Iron – 3.5/5

The PXG 0211 XCOR2 Iron back and at address

PXG’s ‘affordable’ 0211 XCOR2 iron is a brilliant performer for a wide audience of golfers, it can suit 0 – 24 handicappers. The lower price means you get a cast not forged head. There’s none of the weight tech you’ll get in PXG’s more premium products (which allows tailoring of length and weight without shifting the center of gravity), but the price is hard to argue with.  

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PXG 0311 GEN XP iron

RRP: £249 per club

7-iron loft: 27°

Category/Forgiveness rating: Mid-Handicap Iron – 3.5/5

The PXG 0311 GEN5 XP iron back and at address

With a 27° 7-iron loft the XP is very much a distance-focused mid-handicap iron. The heads are larger than the 0311 GEN5 P, if you’re the type of player who doesn’t like lots of hosel offset this is a strong and good-looking model to consider.  

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PXG 0211 Z hybrid iron

RRP: £749 (7-piece set)

7-iron loft: 31°

Category/Forgiveness rating: Hybrid iron – 5/5

The PXG 0211 Z iron back and at address

A very forgiving and easy-to-hit hybrid iron, the Z is aimed at less confident golfers and those who play less frequently. The extra loft works very well at more moderate speeds.

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Product Information

PXG 0317 ST Blade iron

RRP: £209 per club | VIEW UK OFFER | VIEW US OFFER

Stock shafts: True Temper Elevate 95 (s), KBS Tour Lite (s), Mitsubishi MMT (g), Project X Cypher (g), UST Recoil Dart (g)

Category / Forgiveness rating: Muscleback Blade - 1/5

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7-iron loft: 32°


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