PXG 0317 T Iron Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros
    • Modern hollow body tech in a very desirable players' iron chassis
    • We love how you can go longer, shorter, heavier or lighter without moving the CG position.
    • You won't find a more fittable iron on the market.
  • Cons
    • As beautiful and desirable as they are, realistically the 0317 T are for a very small audience of golfers.
  • RRP £209.00

What we say...

The hollow body PXG 0317 T iron brings together shot shaping, control, and a sprinkling of forgiveness for elite-level golfers.

The PXG 0317 T iron is part of the brand’s new ‘sharpshooter’ family, designed to satisfy the wants of elite players. Ever since the brand launched back in 2015 they’ve dined out on shouting about how good hollow body iron tech is, which has led the brand to create some of the best irons available. The idea has completely changed the iron market within a decade, as TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, and Callaway all now make hollow body irons too.

Being accepted by the best players has always been a brand goal though. A desire that over time has led them to feel the need to offer elite players and the company’s tour staff the choice of an ultimate blade, a modern tour-style cavity back, and now a new and very different modern hollow body option.

Modeled upon the US Marine Corps occupational code for ‘Scout Sniper’, the 0317 family consists of the 0317 ST, 0317 CB, and a brand new 0317 T. The family gives decent golfers an unrivaled choice of ironhead constructions. With the ability to interchange all three to create any player’s dream combo set.

The full set of PXG 0317 T irons

Everything you need to know about the PXG 0317 T iron

Not the same inside

PXG has always said what’s inside a hollow body iron has just as much impact on performance as what’s outside. For the 0317 T, they’ve chosen a new polymer filler to control how much the face deflects at impact, which better manages speed and launch conditions. The brands 0311 GEN6 P and XP irons are some of the best players’ distance irons and best-mid-handicap irons available and come filled full with XCOR2 polymer. Yet the new 0317 T iron is filled with a new SCOR material.

XCOR2 is all about offering explosive ball speeds, higher launch, and lower spin (which promotes distance). Whereas the new SCOR (Stability Core) focuses on delivering a lower launching, higher spinning ball flight with less emphasis on maxing out ball speed. A step towards delivering the additional consistency that very good golfers demand.    

From the 0317 T golfers can expect the sound and feel of a solid body iron, much like the 0317 CB or ST, but with additional levels of forgiveness over the model’s siblings. 

The internal structure of a PXG 0317 T iron

Forged three times

PXG says unlike some of the competition all of the forged irons in their range are always what they say they are. The 0317 T is hit by the forge multiple times. A very different process to ‘form forged’ irons that are cheaper to produce yet claim to be forged.

The 0317 T body is made from 8620 carbon steel and forged into shape three times. It has fewer hits than the 0311 GEN6 P and XP as the body geometry is less complex to create. The head material is also specifically chosen for cosmetic durability, as well as being strong, forgeable, and maintaining loft and lie integrity.  

Like the 0311 family, the club face is created from HT1770 maraging steel. It’s ultra-thin, but thanks to the new polymer filler material restricting face deflection, initially shots launch a little lower with additional spin. Even though peak heights will be very similar to the same lofted 0311 GEN6 iron.

Tightest tolerances in the industry

PXG has only ever been about producing clubs that exceed industry standards. Robotic polishing and CNC Milled backs mean head weights run to a tolerance of +/- 1g. The industry norm is 3g.

Sitting right on the edge of USGA rules means the 0317 T’s face grooves ensure decent golfers benefit from maximum shot consistency.    

Lighter, heavier, longer, or shorter?

Decent players often like slightly heavier irons. To ensure all golfers get a weight set-up that best benefits their game PXG’s central weight allows accurate swing weighting no matter whether you go longer, shorter, lighter, or heavier. Plus any change comes without moving the CG location away from center face.

If you’re thinking about buying PXG irons I’d recommend taking the time to get properly fit. Try both lighter and heavier weight set-ups, as there are some good speed and distance gains from getting the perfect set-up to complement your game.

An image showing the internal tungsten toe weight of the PXG 0317 T iron

Tungsten in the toe

You won’t see it on the outside, but lots of players’ irons have a center of gravity located slightly towards the heel. The 0317 T though has an internal 14g tungsten toe weight to ensure the CG is located perfectly centrally.

Thanks to being twice as dense as steel the tungsten mass ensures golfers get a better feel and sound when shots hit center face (as they impact the true sweet spot). You’ll also experience greater shot consistency and tighter dispersion.  

How do the 0317 and 0311 GEN6 irons compare?

The whole idea behind the 0317 iron family is offering elite golfers a suite of models to perfectly fit them throughout their bags. The muscleback blade 0317 ST is the least forgiving iron in the family. The 0317 CB has an MOI 14% higher than the ST, and thanks to its hollow body the T is 11% more forgiving than the 0317 CB.

The backs of the three irons within the PXG 0317 family

Just don’t think this is a forgiving players’ iron for the masses, it’s not. Compared to the 0311 GEN6 P iron (a top-of-the-range players distance model) MOI forgiveness is 14% lower. PXG makes no secret most consumers will be better served by the 0311 GEN6 P. 

Video: How does the PXG 03417 T compare to other leading 2024 Players’ Irons?

Meet the PXG 0317 iron family

PXG 0317 ST

RRP: £189 per club

Category: Muscle-back Blade

Construction: One-piece forged

Handicap guide: Four and below

7-iron loft: 33°

Forgiveness rating: 1/5

Back, sole and address images of the PXG 0317 ST Blade iron

A thoroughly modern muscle-back blade. Thanks to PXG’s central weight system the model can be weighted up or down, and accommodate longer and shorter shafts without moving the center of gravity. Expect compact head sizes, narrow soles, thin top edges, and a distinct lack of hosel offset. A model that should only really be an option for consistent ball strikers and serial shot shapers, with ideally a handicap of four or less.  

PXG 0317 CB

RRP: £189 per club

Category: Players’ Iron

Construction: One-piece forged

Handicap guide: Six and below

7-iron loft: 33°

Forgiveness rating: 2/5

The PXG 0317 CB iron back and at address

Very much the modern tour iron. The CB is one-piece forged, like the 0317 ST, there’s no hollow body tech inside. The whole set has been designed to sit seamlessly alongside the ST irons to allow golfers to create their very own personal combo set. Expect a very similar look and blade length to the ST iron, with just a tiny bit more forgiveness when shots don’t quite impact center face.

PXG 0317 T iron

RRP: £209 per club

Category: Hollow Body Players’ Iron

Construction: Hollow body

Handicap guide: Six and below

7-iron loft: 32°

Forgiveness rating: 2/5

The PXG 0317 T iron back and at address

Compared to the other two 0317 models, the T is fractionally longer with a wider top edge, which allows for the creation of a hollow body inside. Pretty much all other dimensions are closely matched to the ST and CB.

This model is 14% more forgiving than the ST and 11% more playable than the 0317 CB. If your game needs forgiveness the PXG 0311 GEN6 P iron boasts 14% more MOI, so don’t get the T confused as a super forgiving option, it’s not.

PXG Founder Bob Parsons on the 0317 T irons

“From the materials and processes we use to the extremely tight tolerances we maintain, these clubs are built the way they are designed and are consistent club-to-club so that elite players can experience total control and more than a touch of forgiveness.”

Specs: PXG 0317 T iron




Product Information

PXG 0317 T iron

RRP: £209 per club

Stock steel shafts: True Temper Elevate Tour and Elevate MP 95G, KBS Tour Lite, Nippon Modus Pro 125

Stock graphite shafts: UST Recoil Dart 75g, Project X Cypher 60i, Mitsubishi MMT 70/80g

Category: Players Iron

Construction: Hollow body

Handicap guide: Six and below

7-iron loft: 32°

Forgiveness rating: 2/5

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