Fastest and longest Players’ Iron available? TaylorMade P770 Iron (2023) Review

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With more of a “players” look than the P790, but more forgiveness than the P7MB and P7MC, TaylorMade’s P770 iron fills an important gap for good golfers.

The TaylorMade P Series are well-established as some of the best golf irons around.

The original TaylorMade P770 hollow body iron launched in 2020 and sold out within five days, and thanks to pandemic-related component delays it never came fully back into stock globally. So TaylorMade know there’s a huge appetite for this compact chassis players’ iron and this time the company swear they’re better prepared to keep up with demand.

TaylorMade P770 iron

Like the previous model, the new TaylorMade P770 has a forged 4140 steel face and soft 8620 carbon steel body. Inside, there’s SpeedFoam Air to support the face and dampen vibration, while a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket ensures maximum flex for shots hit low on the face.

There’s also up to 46g of tungsten positioned to create a flighted centre of gravity (CG), so the long irons have a CG that’s 1.1mm lower, making them a little easier to launch, while the shorter clubs offer increased control and spin.

TaylorMade P770

TaylorMade say Tiger Woods is a massive fan of his P770 3-iron and, thanks to his input, the 3-6 irons have a fraction less offset than before.

See the P770 model as rinsing performance from a players’ iron chassis and you’ll be absolutely on the money.

Video: How does the TaylorMade P770 compare to other leading 2024 Players’ Irons?

Verdict: TaylorMade P770 iron

With 25 different models within the category, it could be said the players’ iron market is burgeoning with talent. That’s more models than we’ve ever tested, and it’s models like the P770 that are challenging the category boundaries. It wasn’t that long ago some thought players’ irons couldn’t have thin fast faces or hollow body constructions. Anything other than traditional lofts was frowned upon, and if the profile wasn’t sleek, slender, and classy, models were instantly laughed out of the room. Things have changed significantly today.

In previous years the P770 has been tough to categorize, but thanks to its players’ profile (and weak 33° 7-iron loft), which TaylorMade crams with ball speed and forgiveness-enhancing tech, this is clearly a modern-day players’ iron. And if you’re happy to accept tech within the players’ iron arena the P770 is just about as good as they come.

The TaylorMade P770 Iron with a Best of 2024 Today's Golfers badge

For those who question what hollow body constructions and thin fast faces bring to the party, comparing the P770 to TaylorMade’s P7MC gives a great explanation of what tech does for the category. Thanks to tungsten weighting inside and a hollow body construction the P770 has a slightly higher MOI. Which is good for golfers who hit lots of straight shots, but less attractive for golfers who like shaping shots onto a flag.

In our 2024 test, the P770 produced a ball speed 2.8 mph faster than the 1° weaker loft P7MC. Thanks to the hollow body and thin face shots launched with a fraction less spin, yet peaked out higher, and hit the green at a steeper angle (0.4deg), while adding 6 yards of additional 7-iron carry distance. In my book, those are all seriously impressive stats that will help decent club golfers score a fraction lower, more often. Whichever way you want to look at it the P770 is a modern-day beauty, and even if they are due to be replaced later in the year I still regard them as one of the best players’ irons of 2024.

Data comparison: How does the TaylorMade P770 compare to leading competitor Players’ Irons in 2024?

Iron7-Iron LoftBall SpeedLaunch AngleBackspinHeightDescent AngleCarry DistanceCarry Distance Drop OffShot Area
PXG 0317 T32°125 MPH (1)15.6°5343 RPM32 YDS45.1°182 YDS (1)6 YDS118.2 SQ YDS
PXG 0317 CB33°122.8 MPH16.6°5568 RPM32 YDS45.7°179 YDS (T2)7 YDS142.1 SQ YDS
Vega VDC31°124.4 MPH (2)14.8°5703 RPM30 YDS44.4°179 YDS (T2)8 YDS236.8 SQ YDS
Srixon ZX7 MK II32°122.9 MPH (3)16.7°5757 RPM32 YDS46.1°178 YDS7 YDS57.4 SQ YDS
Sub 70 659 CB32°122.8 MPH15.3°5683 RPM30 YDS44.2°178 YDS8 YDS70.4 SQ YDS
More MOD 132°121.5 MPH15.9°5370 RPM30 YDS44.1°178 YDS2 YDS (1)48.4 SQ YDS (2)
Ping Blueprint S33°121.3 MPH16.7°5498 RPM31 YDS45.1°177 YDS9 YDS188.1 SQ YDS
Titleist T15032°122.6 MPH17.5°5686 RPM34 YDS46.8°177 YDS4 YDS (2)53.6 SQ YDS (3)
Takomo 20132°122.6 MPH15.7°6070 RPM31 YDS45°176 YDS9 YDS119.7 SQ YDS
Cobra King Tour32°120.9 MPH15.4°5534 RPM29 YDS43.1°176 YDS9 YDS253.8 SQ YDS
TaylorMade P77033°122.3 MPH17.8°6143 RPM34 YDS47.5°175 YDS9 YDS200.7 SQ YDS
Mizuno JPX923 Tour34°121 MPH16.2°5704 RPM30 YDS44.6°175 YDS9 YDS171 SQ YDS
Vega VSC31°121.7 MPH15.2°5943 RPM29 YDS43.8°175 YDS14 YDS387.8 SQ YDS
Callaway Apex 24 Pro33°122.4 MPH16.2°6026 RPM27 YDS43.3°174 YDS7 YDS128.1 SQ YDS
Callaway Apex TCB34°121.9 MPH16.6°5189 RPM32 YDS46.1°174 YDS5 YDS (3)46 SQ YDS (1)
Mizuno Pro 24332°122.2 MPH16.6°6035 RPM32 YDS46.3°174 YDS18 YDS387 SQ YDS
Ping i23033°121.3 MPH16.4°5821 RPM31 YDS45.7°173 YDS19 YDS248.9 SQ YDS
Sub 70 639 CB32°122.3 MPH15.4°6584 RPM30 YDS45.4°173 YDS13 YDS266.5 SQ YDS
Callaway Apex 24 CB34°120.6 MPH16.7°6235 RPM31 YDS46.2°170 YDS9 YDS151.2 SQ YDS
Takomo 301 CB34°120 MPH17.3°6410 RPM32 YDS46.4°170 YDS7 YDS152.6 SQ YDS
TaylorMade P7MC34°119.5 MPH18°6226 RPM33 YDS47.2°169 YDS11 YDS135.3 SQ YDS
Wilson Staff Model CB34°118.6 MPH16.3°6221 RPM29 YDS44.8°169 YDS6 YDS76.8 SQ YDS
Titleist T10034°118.1 MPH17.3°5677 RPM31 YDS45.4°169 YDS8 YDS107.2 SQ YDS
Ben Hogan PTX Tour33.5°117.9 MPH16°5767 RPM28 YDS43.5°169 YDS11 YDS335.5 SQ YDS
Titleist 620 CB34°117.9 MPH17.9°6127 RPM32 YDS46.5°167 YDS13 YDS274.3 SQ YDS
Average121.4 MPH16.4°5853 RPM30.9 YDS45.3°174.2 YDS9.1 YDS174.3 SQ YDS

Check out the full TaylorMade P-Series range to see how the P770 compares to the P7MB and P7MC.

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TaylorMade P770 (2023)

Stock shaft: KBS Tour | 7-iron loft: 33° | Forgiveness rating: 2 – 2.5/5
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