TaylorMade White Smoke IN-12 Blade Putter Review

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  • TG Rating 4.2 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • Pros

    Will suit players of all styles, consistent from all lengths

  • Cons

    Style might be too busy for some

  • RRP £95.00

What we say...

After years of research TaylorMade found that 65% of golfers fail to square the putter face to the target from 12 feet, leading to inaccurate putts and higher scores. TaylorMade have used this knowledge to develop the White Smoke range to aid alignment and so you get a more consistent roll for every stroke. Incorporating a classic shape allows you to keep a traditional style with modern technological benefits. The IN-12 putter design is based on a traditional blade styling with a L-Neck shaft connection so the putter sits perfectly behind the ball. The putter head is made from a 304 Stainless Steel which makes it softer than other materials so you get a fantastic feel from the putter face and gives you the maximum amount of feedback to make your putting more consistent. Each White Smoke putter is equipped with TaylorMade’s patented ‘Pure Roll’ insert, which promotes forward spin, reducing skidding and encouraging a smooth, accurate roll and precise speed control. The ‘Pure Roll’ insert uses a soft Surlyn construction to deliver a satisfyingly soft sound and feel at impact. TaylorMade’s tour proven white crown colouring reduces glare from the sun to also aid alignment. Fitted with a TaylorMade White Smoke Winn Putter Grip.

As reviewed in our 2014 Putters Test:
Anser-style head with three sight lines frames the ball nicely, but might be too busy for some. Nice soft feel from the insert and a consistent roll. A middle- of-the-road putter design that will suit players of all styles. Felt firm and not as hot off the face, allowing a more aggressive stroke. Mis-strikes didn’t seem to affect the roll out. Pure Roll insert lived up to its billing, consistent performance from all lengths.


Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableNo
Face insertYes
Head TypeBlade

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Taylormade Putters User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Top spin top putter

    By Smudgersmith

    I bought this putter after 25 years with the same old blade, the results were instant. As soon as I step on the practice green I could see the ball rolling truer off the face. The top spin was almost noticeable from the off and the ball runs truer. From being so so, in the group of 15 guys I play with I am recognised as just about the best putter in the group. I have sunk so many 20 foot and above recently it's becoming a bit embarrassing. I would highly recommend this putter.