PXG 0317 X Gen 2 Hybrid Review

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Review: PXG 0317 X Gen 2 Hybrid

RRP: £375

Best Hybrid 2019

Carbon crown for faster balls speeds and improved consistency

Matt paint – for an anti-glare finish

Low and forward CG – promotes low spin performance

Honeycomb TPE insert – dampens vibration, enhancing feel and sound

Larger heavier sole weights – give more significant ball flight adjustment. Moving the four silver coloured tungsten weights back increases launch and spin. Moving them to the toe or heel ports increases fade or draw bias.

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Improvements over the Gen 1 hybrid

2 – 3 MPH faster ball speed

Similar spin rate

Similar launch

4 – 7 yards longer

6% tighter dispersion

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PXG 0317 X Gen 2 Hybrid: Verdict

Just like the new fairway the 0317 hybrid is a real compact head, and not nearly as wide as some of the competition. Were big fans of the unfussy look and it’s uncanny knack of focusing attention directly on the back of the golf ball at address. Sound’s usually less of an issue when it comes to hybrids but by using the same TPE material in all the new woods you get a lovely consistent sound, feel and feedback.  

I (Simon Daddow) haven’t changed my hybrid for 10 years, just because my Cobra Baffler’s been a firm favourite in the bag, primarily because I can launch shots on a high looping flight as well as a lower more penetrating trajectory when needed. So initially like most modern hybrids I’ve tried I expected the 0317 X to be a bit one dimensional and only hit low hard rockets, which maximise distance but don’t help me ‘work’ the ball round the golf course and score.

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Shots with the 0317 X though soared into the air, time after time, after time. I hit the 22° so much higher and better than I ever could a 4-iron, and shots descended at a decent angle so they’d stop on a green too. And when needed, I could drill shots low into the breeze. Adjustable hosels seem to be dying out in hybrids, but for me the extra versatility to dial in the exact loft to fill a distance gap in my set with the 0317 is absolutely invaluable. Needless to say the Cobra Baffler has now been retired to the garage.

Product Information

0317 X Gen 2 Hybrid

  • RRP: £375
  • Lofts: 17° / 19° / 22° / 25° / 28°
  • Stock shaft: N/A, PXG insist on only fitting you to your best performing option
  • Adjustable hosel: Yes
  • How much loft change: +/- 1.5°

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