Titleist TSR1 Hybrid Review

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What we say...

The Titleist TSR1 hybrid offers speed and launch for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

Titleist make some of the best hybrid golf clubs in the game (they’re the most-played on the PGA Tour), and the new TSR1 has been designed for effortless speed, distance and high launch without sacrificing forgiveness, looks or feel.

Targeting amateurs with driver swing speeds under 90mph, the TSR1 hybrid is part of a family of clubs that promotes optimal launch through an ultra-lightweight design, enhanced aerodynamics and a strategically placed center of gravity (CG).

The Titleist TSR1 hybrid.

Key technology in TSR1


The TSR1 hybrid has been stripped of all non-essential weight to ensure the lightest possible build without damaging performance.

Titleist have used Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh shafts in the full range. They are designed for players looking for an ultra-lightweight setup with maximum speed and stability.

Metal Mesh Technology (MMT) is made with lighter, thinner materials and applied to the tip section to maximize energy transfer. MMT SpeedMesh hybrid shafts have a total playing weight under 50g across all flexes.

Titleist TSR1 clubs use Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh shafts.

Deep CG, High MOI

The CG in each Titleist TSR1 model is positioned deep, raising MOI and maximizing high launch and ball speed. The hybrids’ wood-type profile optimizes CG placement.

Confidence-Inspiring Shaping

Larger footprints in the Titleist TSR1 hybrid offer maximum forgiveness at impact and confidence over the ball.

SureFit Hosel

The Titleist SureFit hosel uses a sleeve and a ring, which each have four settings for a total of 16 loft and lie combinations. As a result you can dial in your perfect set-up. The hybrid can be adjusted in 1° increments.

The Titleist TSR1 hybrid.

Titleist TSR1 hybrid

RRP £259 / $299
Lofts 4H (20°), 5H (23°), 6H (26°), 7H (29°)

Built for golfers seeking distance and stability, TSR1 hybrids achieve more speed and higher MOI thanks to an enhanced profile and ultra-lightweight construction.

The larger wood-type clubhead allows for a deeper center of gravity placement and a more confidence-inspiring look at address.

Despite the larger profile, the TSR1 hybrid’s design achieves performance gains without increasing swingweight.

TSR1 hybrid shafts utilize a .335 fairway tip and are ½-inch longer than prior generations for increased speed and launch.

They join the TSR2 and TSR3 hybrids in the family.

The Titleist TSR1 hybrid.

What Titleist say

“Keeping with the increased demand for higher lofted fairways from players, TSR1 hybrids are the most ‘wood-like’ hybrids we have ever made,” said Talge.

“With a larger profile and a slightly longer shaft, TSR1 hybrids promote the speed and launch golfers may want from a fairway but with the added gapping flexibility to fit into the rest of the bag.”

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Product Information

Titleist TSR1 hybrid

RRP £259 / $299

Launched February 2023

Lofts 4H (20°), 5H (23°), 6H (26°), 7H (29° – custom-fit only)

Adjustable Yes – Titleist SureFit hosel

Standard lengths 40.5”, 40”, 39.5”, 39” (Ladies 1” under men’s stock build)

Availability Right-handed and left-handed

Stock shaft Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 50 HY (Men’s) and 40 HY (Ladies)

Stock grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 No Paintfill

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