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Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge is designed for versatility to give golfers of all levels control on all types of shot.

The Jaws Full Toe is Callaway’s most techincally advanced and versatile wedge ever, making it one of the best golf wedges around. It replaces Callaway’s Phil Mickelson-inspired PM Grind, a wedge that was launched in 2019 with Tour players in mind, and is designed to appeal to a much wider range of golfers.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge.

Targeting everyone from tour pros to casual golfers, Callaway are calling the Jaws Full Toe a “Spin Machine”, designed to give you control on all wedge shots, from chips, pitches, flops and bunker shots to full shots into the green.

The new model combines multiple impressive technologies. Firstly it has the renowned Jaws grooves, but they’ve been extended across the face to provide spin anywhere that you make contact.

Then Callaway have added the offset groove-in-groove technology found in the PM Grind, with angled micro positives which provide additional spin on partial and pitch shots. In a first for the brand they have combined that tech with a raw face, which is designed to rust over time for reduced glare and increased roughness, helping to inspire confidence and create even more action between club and ball.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge.

But there’s more to the Jaws Full Toe than spin. The new wedge offers incredible greenside versatility thanks to a combination of the full toe shape and a specialised C-Grind. Callaway say this combo makes bunker shots, high flop shots, and short pitches and chips easy to hit regardless of your lie with the C Grind increasing heel and toe relief.

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The straighter leading edge makes it easier to align, while less offset than the PM and Jaws MD5 wedges makes it easier to use and control on full shots.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge.

The Jaws Toe-Pad pushes the CG higher to create a lower, more controlled trajectory and more spin while the new Variable Weight Port System moves the CG away from the hosel and further towards the toe to align with the impact zone.

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Callaway Jaws Full Toe golf wedge.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge: The tech

Spin Machine

Jaws Full Toe wedges combine full face JAWS grooves, offset groove-in-groove technology and an all-new raw face, giving you the spin and control you need to pull off every shot around the greens.

Confidence and Versatility

The Full Toe shape provides more face area with an enhanced toe peak. The shaping works with the specialised C-Grind to make short shots around the green easy to hit, especially bunker shots and high flops. This wedge is built to perform on mid and full wedge shots too, with great turf interaction through the ball so you can stick it close.

Enhanced Control

The Full Toe pushes the CG higher, for a design that creates a lower, more controlled trajectory. Our Variable Weight Port System helps us locate the CG away from the heel, for solid contact and enhanced feel.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge: Specs, shafts and grips

The Callaway Jaws Full Toe is available in 54º (12º bounce), 56º (12º), 58º (12º), 60º (10º), 64º (10º), in right-handed and left handed.

It comes with a Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft in steel or a Project X Catalyst wedge shaft in graphite as standard, along with a premium Lamkin UTX grip.

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Callaway Jaws Full Toe golf wedge.

What Callaway say about the Jaws Full Toe wedge

Patrick Dawson, Senior R&D Manager for Callaway, talks us through the new model

On the Jaws grooves: “Jaws Groove is the most aggresive groove in golf. It is right up to the edge of USGA limitations. We’ve read the rules back and forth and really tried to make something that is right there, at the limit.

“The offset groove-in-groove is intended to be at an angle so that when you open up your club it is still perpendicular to your shot direction so you’re still getting a groove that is grabbing the ball and not hitting an oblique angle. We found in our testing, especially on those open shots, that it added more spin and was a natural addition to this model.”

On replacing the PM Grind wedge: “Over the years interest (in the PM wedge) has waned and we’ve seen some interest from our competitors in that space, so we decided to take a whole new look at this high toe category and wanted to create the Jaws Full Toe.

“Jaws Full Toe is closer to a traditional wedge shape but with a lot of those hints and inspirations from the PM Grind, which is a great combination.

“What we found with the PM Grind was that it really was only a short shot club. Its sole was configured such that it worked really well there but as soon as you hit it with a full shot the head tended to deloft a lot and you lost the bounce so it either dug to much or you had to add more bounce.

“With the Jaws Full Toe it’s the balance of the right amount of CG height change and toe movement so it can still be used on those full shots and be great around the greens.”

On the response from Callaway Tour players: “Eight of our staff players put the new wedge in play during its first week on Tour at July’s Rocket Mortgage Classic, including Si Woo Kim and Dylan Frittelli.

“They loved the look and straighter leading edge. For a lot of the players that was the first time they’d ever seen it – we hadn’t even teased it with them. They saw them and said ‘I’ll take that’.

“A lot of them play these in combination with their Jaws MD5, mixing and matching. I think 12 per cent of the wedges we had in play that week were Jaws Full Toe.”


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Product Information

Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedge


Lofts (Bounce): 54º (12º), 56º (12º), 58º (12º), 60º (10º), 64º (10º)

Finishes: Raw Face Chrome Raw Black, the Callaway

Left-handed: Yes, in all lofts

Stock shafts: Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft (steel); Project X Catalyst shaft (graphite)

Stock grip: Lamkin UTX grip.

First launched: September 2021

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