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Callaway’s new PM Grind 2019 Wedge was co created by Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland to help hit players hit three specific shots

The latest PM Grind 2019 wedge from Callaway has been co-created by Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland, arguably two of the most known figures when it comes to playing and creating wedges.

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The original PM Grind started as a one-off prototype built expressly for Phil back in 2014, and was characterized by a uniquely shaped head with an exceptionally high toe and expansive face area, including grooves spanning the entire face, both from side-to-side and up-and-down; all to help Phil hit his famous “Phlop” shots. Phil’s satisfaction with the prototype led Callaway to introduce it to the public, in 2015. 

For the latest wedge, Phil began working with Roger on improvements to the PM Grind that make it easier to hit three essential shots Phil thinks every golfer needs:

1) The Knockdown — a low-flying, high-spinning shot ideal for attacking the pin.
2) The Hit & Check – a short pitch that bounces twice and stops.
3) The “Phlop” – the high-flying, steep-landing, fast-stopping greenside shot Phil made

Phil conferred closely with Roger on the improvements necessary to help any player hit
these three shots. The result is PM Grind 2019, a truly astonishing achievement in
wedge design. 

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Callaway PM Grind II Wedge: Key Features

Offset Groove-in-Groove Technology for High Spin Lob & Pitch Shots
Callaway’s Groove-in-Groove technology was introduced last year in the Mack Daddy 4 wedge, and positions four micro-positive ridges machined into flat parts of the face, parallel to the grooves, creating 84 points of contact with the ball. The ridges form a micro-groove between them, which is why it’s called Groove-in-Groove.

For the PM Grind 2019, Phil suggested machining the micro-grooves into the face at a 20º
angle, making them perpendicular to the target-line, or close to it, when you open
the face, promoting more spin on lob shots. Callaway testing indicates that offset
Groove-in-Groove placement promotes an increase of up to 12% more spin on lob

Increased Offset & Higher Toe for Crisp, Flag-finding Knockdown Shots

“Offset” in a clubhead is the distance between the front edge of the hosel and the
leading edge of the clubface. Increasing the amount of offset in the PM Grind 2019
makes it easier to move the ball back in your stance and position your hands ahead
of the ball, which is necessary to hit a knockdown.

The higher toe, made possible by removing weight from the sole (represented by the four holes in the sole, each filled with a metallic green aluminium cap) pulls the CG location upward to promote a lower trajectory, with the added benefit of creating more space high on the face, which is helpful on lobs from tall grass.

C-Grind Sole Configuration for Crisp Contact from a Broad Range of Lies
The C-Grind, with significant relief at the heel and toe, is well known for smooth and
clean turf interaction, promoting solid contact from all types of lies.

Callaway’s PM Grind II wedge is equipped with premium components: Tour-proven KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel wedge shaft designed to deliver and optimum balance of feel, spin and control.

Tour-proven Lamkin UTX grip in black with green highlights. Choice of two rich finishes: Platinum Chrome and the stunning, head-turning new Tour Grey. The premium look is further enhanced by the beautiful circular PM Grind medallion on the back.

“Working with Phil on the PM grind wedges has been a fantastic experience,” said Cleveland. “His insights are always spot-on, and implementing them to create
something innovative like the PM Grind 2019 is incredibly satisfying. This wedge is
going to help a lot of players hit shots they couldn’t hit before.”

Premium Components and Finishes
KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel wedge shaft, Lamkin UTX grip and choice of Platinum Chrome or
Tour Grey finish.

Product Information

  • RRP: £149
  • Lofts: 54º/14º, 56º/14º, 58º/12º, 60º/12º, 64º/10º
  • Shaft: KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel wedge shaft
  • Grip: Lamkin UTX grip

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