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Cleveland’s new CBX 2 wedge is a cavity back design which combines tour-level spin with forgiveness to help the everyday golfer upgrade their short game.

Featuring a hollow cavity design and a toe-biased center of gravity, Cleveland say their new CBX 2 wedge offers spin, control and plenty of forgiveness for golfers everywhere.

The new CBX 2 wedge, which launched in the UK on 6thSeptember 2019 with an RRP of £119, still features the tour wedge technologies that Cleveland Golf is renowned for, while offering additional forgiveness to help serious golfers upgrade their short game.

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For Cleveland, focusing on the regular golfer with the CBX 2 instead of wedges primed for the top professionals of the game marks a new perspective on wedge design for the brand.

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“The short game is critical to playing your best golf, and playing wedges designed for your game – and the shots you like to hit is key,” said Brian Schielke, Marketing Director at Cleveland Golf.

“That’s why Cleveland CBX 2 wedges were created. They make the short game easier and more forgiving for the majority of golfers out there playing game-improvement equipment.”

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Cleveland CBX 2 features a new Hollow-Cavity design with a hollow chamber near the heel and a heavy weight placed in the toe. This unique structure maximizes MOI and perimeter weighting for unrivaled short game forgiveness, while still maintaining a sleek, attractive profile at address.

Additionally, the Cleveland CBX 2 offers the latest iteration of Feel Balancing Technology that achieves a new milestone: a toe-biased center of gravity. Combined with a Gelback TPU Insert for vibration reduction, Cleveland say their CBX 2 provides a soft, satisfying feel and crisp feedback at impact.

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“The Cleveland CBX 2 gives you 25% more shots on the sweet spot,” said Dustin Brekke, Engineering Manager, Research and Development. “This helps you hit better shots, but also drastically improves feel at impact.”

There are three distinct sole grind offerings with the CBX 2, arranged by loft to deliver more versatility, while also featuring a fourth generation Rotex Face Technology that delivers the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves, laser milling and aggressive face milling for maximum spin and short game control.

“It’s remarkable seeing the performance improvements when golfers switch to the extra forgiveness, better sole designs, and overall weighting that blends perfectly with their cavity back irons,” Schielke said.

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Cleveland CBX 2 wedge

Verdict: Cleveland CBX 2 wedge

We’ve seen enough since the launch of the original CBX two years ago to say that club golfers should now be putting a priority on cavity backs when it comes to choosing new wedges. They really are a great shout. You probably won’t even notice, but they have the ability to shave a couple of shots per round from your short game, with absolutely zero trade-offs in terms of looks, feel or spin.

We love how the complication of selecting sole grinds and bounce options is made for you. So there’s less bounce where golfers need it in the lower lofts, and wider, more forgiving soles and extra bounce in the higher lofts.

The CBX2 produced plenty of spin control and feedback, without sounding or feeling like a traditional cavity back iron. So for us, the first question club golfers should ask themselves when looking at new wedges in 2020 is can I accept cavity back wedges? And if the answer’s no, we’ve highlighted four other top performers for you.

Key Innovations Inside the Cleveland CBX 2:

Hollow-Cavity Design:
With a hollow chamber near the heel and a heavy weight placed in the toe, the hollow- cavity design maximizes MOI and perimeter weighting for short game forgiveness.
Dynamic Sole:
Shot-making is simplified with three specialized sole grinds, specifically arranged by loft, to provide versatility needed to execute any short game shot.
Feel Balancing and Gelback Technologies:
Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology along with a Gelback TPU Insert reduces vibration for a pure feel at impact.
Rotex Face Technology:
Fourth generation Rotex Face Technology delivers their sharpest Tour Zip Grooves and most aggressive face milling for maximum spin and short game control.

Sole Options

Cleveland’s CBX 2 wedges are offered in a variety of different lofts and sole grinds. The V-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 46°-52° lofts. Meanwhile, the S-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 54° and 56° lofts, while the C-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 58° and 60° lofts. The wedges are available in left and right- handed options.

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