Cobra Golf King Cobra wedge with Snakebite Groove Technology Review

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Cobra Golf’s King Cobra Snakebite wedges have 40 per cent sharper and 11 per cent bigger grooves to maximise spin.

The wedges feature Snakebite Groove Technology, utilising a re-engineered cutting method that replaces cutting tools more often to tighten groove tolerances, maximise groove volume, and create the sharpest and most accurate grooves possible.

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The Cobra Golf King Cobra wedge has three sole grind options.

The Snakebite groove design increases groove depth by 11% and sharpens the edges by 40% to deliver maximum spin to the ball.  A progressive groove system utilises progressive groove lengths and progressive groove shapes to optimize spin for each wedge loft. 

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The King Cobra 48º-54º feature a traditional groove length and narrower and deeper grooves to deliver consistent spin and trajectories on the lower lofted wedges that are used with a square or de-lofted face. 

The 56º-60º wedges feature full face groove length and wider and shallower grooves to maximize spin on shots with an open face when the ball is more likely to make contact with the high toe area. The faces and grooves are CNC Milled on each wedge to create the most precise face and groove shapes for optimal spin and trajectory control.

The new Cobra Golf King Cobra wedges with Snakebite Groove Technology have progressive groove lengths and shapes.

The wedges, which feature a nostalgic King Cobra logo, are available in three grinds:

Versatile grind: An excellent all-around grind for medium to firm course conditions, featuring toe, heel and trailing edge relief. It is available in 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º and 60º (left-handed in 52º, 56º and 60º).

Classic grind: A progressive sole width from heel-to-toe, with trailing edge relief, benefiting neutral to steeper swings and a variety of course conditions. It is available in 52º, 56º and 60º.

Widelow grind: A wide, low bounce sole works its magic out of soft bunkers, soft turf conditions and prevents the leading edge from digging. It is available in 56º, 58º and 60º.

Each King Cobra wedge features a black Lamkin Crossline Smart grip and an aftermarket KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (125g) shaft.

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The One Length Cobra Golf King Cobra wedges with Snakebite Groove Technology.

The wedge is also available in One Length with the same Snakebite spin-enhancing groove technologies as the variable length wedge.

The perfect complement to Cobra’s One Length irons, all of the wedge lofts are designed at 37.5” to promote a repeatable setup and swing for increased consistency and accuracy around the greens.

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The One Length wedge is available in 56º and 60º lofts in a Versatile Grind and features a full-face groove design that maximises spin on full swings and touch shots around the green.

The toe and face of the King Cobra wedge with Snakebite Groove Technology.

Both the variable and One Length King Cobra wedges are equipped with Cobra Connect, powered by Arccos Golf, featuring electronically enabled Lamkin Crossline smart grips that work in conjunction with the Arccos Caddie app to give users the ability to track their wedge stats, and learn their tendencies so they can practice more efficiently.

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Product Information

Cobra Golf King Cobra Snakebite wedge

RRP: £109

First available: March 26, 2021

Versatile grind: 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º and 60º (left-handed in 52º, 56º and 60º).

Classic grind: 52º, 56º and 60º.

Widelow grind: 56º, 58º and 60º.

Grooves: 48º-54º feature a traditional groove length with narrower and deeper grooves, 56º-60º wedges feature full-face groove length and wider and shallower grooves.

Shaft: KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (125g).

Grip: Black Lamkin Crossline Smart grip with Cobra Connect, powered by Arccos Golf

Cobra Golf King Cobra Snakebite One Length wedge

RRP: £109

First available: March 26, 2021

Versatile grind: 56º, 60º

Grooves: Full-face groove design

Length: 37.5"

Shaft: KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (125g).

Grip: Blue Lamkin Crossline Smart grip with Cobra Connect, powered by Arccos Golf.

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